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Mindfulness & Recovery

Addiction removes a person’s self-control and ability to delay gratification. It eliminates reason and only allows the person to think of their own comfort, much

Addiction Resources for Veterans

Helping our Veterans The things our military members and veterans see and experience are unique to them. A civilian will never know what combat is

Addiction Resources for Students

For most teens and young adults, the college years are a time of transition. The relative freedom and increased responsibility of adulthood suddenly replace the

Addiction Resources for Seniors

Why Senior Citizens Struggle with Addiction According to the Census Bureau, roughly 84 million adults aged 65 and older will be living in the U.S.

Addiction Resources for Law Enforcement

Getting Help as a Law Enforcement Officer Law Enforcement are the people who arrive at the scene first in the event of a tragedy. This

Addiction Resources for Parents

Is your Child Struggling with Addiction? Adolescents who use drugs might not become addicted in adulthood, but they can damage their health mentally, physically and

What is an Enabler?

Most people who suffer from a substance use disorder have an enabler in their life. According to the American Psychological Association, an enabler is someone

Relapse Prevention

The majority of people who recover from substance use disorder ultimately hold to that recovery and are able to lead healthy, productive lives. It can

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How to Help an Addict

Have you noticed the effects of addiction begin to pull down the quality of life of a friend or loved one? Chances are if you’re