What is Lean?

Do you ask yourself, ‘What is lean,’ and wonder if there are any risks associated with drinking it? The drink is not new, yet newer addicts likely think it is a recent creation. Lean is a drug that potentially causes severe, even potentially deadly results. The treatment professionals at the substance abuse treatment center NH location of Green Mountain Treatment Center recognizes the effects of lean on your body and mind.

People that abuse lean, along with their loved ones, likely have little information about the drug, and are potentially not sure what is in the substance. When you indulge, and abuse the drink or become addicted, there is help available for you to start recovering from your lean addiction.

What is Lean?

Lean has a variety of names on the street, yet it is all the same dangerous concoction. It is not a new street drug. It originated in Houston, Texas in the 1960s, and spread across the United States.

It’s also known as “purple drank,” or “sizzurp,” and “Texas tea,” or “dirty Sprite,” is a mixture of several ingredients. Starting with cough syrup, and preferably one that contains codeine, it is then mixed with soda, and candy, most likely a hard, colorful candy.

The National Drug Intelligence Center reported that some users substitute the carbonated soda for juice drinks or sports drinks. The user drinks the concoction to get high from the lean mixture. Most people likely do not stop and think about the dangers, even when asking, “What is lean?”

What are the Side Effects and Risks of Lean?

Lean is a dangerous, even deadly substance with a variety of side effects, such as:

  • Dental decay
  • Dizziness
  • Seizures
  • Impaired vision
  • Hallucinations
  • Memory loss

It produces other possible symptoms and side effects, including stiff muscles, abnormal thoughts, and even death. It gained its name “lean” because of the loss of control over your body when you use it.

What is Lean Pop Culture Popularity All About?

When lean use spread across the country, particularly among younger individuals, it became popular among some celebrities. Entertainers, singers, rap artists and others soon started abusing it. The Black Doctor website mentions how some celebrities glorified it, including in their songs. A popular rapper later experienced seizures, largely attributed to lean. Very Well Mind points to the fact that it has resulted in hospitalizations and deaths of many people, including athletes, along with the previously mentioned singers and rappers.

Do you wonder what is lean pop culture all about because the concoction is not made with substances typically considered illegal? Consider the fact that the National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens refers to the erratic behaviors of some singers during their performances. NIDA for Teens indicates that people sometimes turn to a substance that a celebrity uses to feel ‘cool.’ When you realize that you are not ‘cool,’ but in need of help for your addiction to lean, or to other substances, the Green Mountain Treatment Center provides the treatment services that you need to recover from the physical and mental health effects of this substance.

How Do I Get Treatment for Addiction?

Lean has a powerful effect over users. Although it is often associated with younger users, people of any age are at risk of addiction and potentially deadly consequences of lean. Green Mountain Treatment Center offers comprehensive treatment, based on your individual treatment needs. Recover in a serene environment, where the highly trained staff provides comprehensive addiction therapy services.

Contact us today at 866.913.7957 to get your life back on track. Get started on your path to recovery from lean addiction right now.

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