Cocaine Addiction & Abuse

Cocaine is an addictive stimulant that comes in the form of white powder. When used, the drug creates feelings of euphoria, adrenaline energy, and alertness. As pleasant as these feelings may be, using cocaine even once can be dangerous and, at times, deadly. Cocaine becomes especially lethal when the body becomes addicted. This dependency opens the doors for possible health complications like heart attacks or strokes, regardless of age.

In 2014, there were over 4,000 overdose deaths from cocaine. Almost a quarter of drug-related emergency room admissions are related to cocaine use. As intimidating as recovery may be, you dont solely caused by the ingestion of drugs or substances; psychology and brain function play a role as well.

  • Weight loss
  • White residue on the face
  • Raw marks on the hands or lips
  • Extreme excitability
  • Abrupt social isolation
  • Chest pain
  • Trouble breathing
  • Panic

t take much to get someone hooked. When the high wears off, users tend to feel more depressed and generally unwell. This often triggers the brain into craving the drug that can take those bad feelings away. As you might imagine, that causes a never-ending cycle of dependency on cocaine to rid the body of these feelings. Cravings are a symptom of withdrawal, and cocaine withdrawals quickly onset. More doses will be taken to stabilize the mood and body, which further feeds the addiction. The pleasure center in the brain learns to rely on cocaine to function.

Over time, users will develop a tolerance that will likely grow stronger until an overdose occurs or addiction treatment is sought. Achieving the same high becomes impossible with every dose taken because the body rapidly adjusts to the new tolerance levels. Cocaine is dangerous because of the health risks that follow. Some of these include mood issues, decayed bowels, malnutrition, and damage to other internal organs such as the heart and lungs. Some of the milder health symptoms that are overlooked include headaches and trouble swallowing due to constant snorting and inhalation.

Injecting cocaine poses its own set of health risks, including HIV and even Hepatitis from sharing needles. Since cocaine is illegal, the only way to obtain it is by seeking out street dealers. It’s impossible to determine how pure cocaine is when it’s handled that way. It’s safe to assume that many dealers will alter the drug in some way to maintain their stash. Some alterations include mixing the cocaine with other substances that look similar such as talcum powder or cornstarch. Mixing cocaine with other drugs or ingredients makes it even more deadly.

Cocaine is also extremely dangerous because of the short-lived high. Injecting or smoking cocaine will provide a high that lasts upwards of 10 minutes whereas inhalation and snorting will provide a high that lasts for at least 30 minutes. After the high wears off, the crash is so intense and unpleasant that most users will continue taking dosages to avoid coming down at all.

How You Should Handle a Loved One With a Cocaine Addiction

First, dons a scary situation, but you have to keep a level head to help your loved one through a cocaine addiction. They’ll need all the support they can get. Rehab is the best way to treat cocaine addiction. The drug can completely take someone over mentally, emotionally, and physically, which means all of these factors are going to need careful attention and detox. A rehabilitation center is ideal for catering to all of these areas and doing so efficiently.

Green Mountain Treatment Center specializes in treating addictions by submerging guests in a comfortable scenic environment that is supportive and goal-oriented. The thing about addiction is, yout alone on your road to recovery either. A loved one with a cocaine addiction will fare better surrounded by professionals who are committed to recovery assistance. If you think your loved one will be better off rehabbing with a more personalized approach, Green Mountain offers individualized treatment plans and client-to-client programs that allow for a approach to treatment and eventually full recovery. Since addiction is also a disease of the mind, Green Mountain Treatment Center offers treatment options such as meditation practice and yoga instruction for serenity and calm.

Before assisting a loved one with admissions to a treatment center, you must first address the beast of addiction. Ideally, yous cocaine abuse, that way everyone can talk about their experiences and hopefully evoke an eye-opening revelation.

Communication is crucial and should be taken very seriously. Choose words strategically so that your loved one understands that the intervention is for their own good and is not a threat. Addiction has a way of altering the mind and changing someonet Work?

Interventions can be difficult, and the truth is, they dont naturally become better without some personal effort. To continue on the path of sobriety, itt alone. The many people who have been through similar feats and recovery can become confidants.

If you or someone you know is experiencing an extreme addiction habit and requires immediate assistance, start by dialing an emergency line. Otherwise, if there is no imminent danger and you are prepared to take the next steps toward sobriety, consider Green Mountain Treatment Center. With gender-separate experiences, clinical treatment, carefully crafted nutrition plans, and a 12-step curriculum, the programs we offer start by getting to the root of addiction and approaching it steadily from there. Addiction treatment is a marathon, not a sprint. A paced, methodical approach is one of the best ways to understand and overcome an addiction of the mind and body. A lasting recovery and a sober lifestyle is the goal. You deserve to have people in your corner who want to see you thrive.

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