Insurance Verification

When someone is dealing with long-term addiction, they always seem to have excuses as to why they won’t seek treatment. Often, it’s just a refusal on their part to admit a problem even exists. Imagine that, while their lives are disintegrating around them, they still can’t admit they have a problem. Yet even the people who are willing to accept they have a problem will find excuses to avoid drug and alcohol rehab. For example, a very common excuse is affordability. Of course, some folks do have a legitimate financial concern. However, for the people with healthcare insurance, that excuse will fade with a simple insurance verification process.


Addiction Treatment Coverage and the ACA

In 2009, the nation saw a change when President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into law. For addiction sufferers, the new law also immediately changed the way insurance companies viewed addiction treatment. First, the ACA eliminated the ability of insurance companies to deny claims because of a preexisting condition. That had a profound effect on the addiction treatment community because all addictions are preexisting.

The other benefit the ACA provided was it established that insurance companies now also had to cover addiction treatment costs. They had to do so the same as they would any other medical condition. However, it’s noteworthy the ACA did not dictate the extent of financial coverage but only the basic costs the insurance company had to cover. For example, those costs include:

  • Counseling and therapy
  • Aftercare programs


The Insurance Verification Process

When you reach the point you want help, then you’ll need to find the right treatment facility. However, your first consideration should be how you are going to pay for treatment. If you do have an individual policy or healthcare insurance through your employer, then that’s the best payment option you are going to find. That’s also still true even if your insurance company doesn’t agree to cover 100% of the costs.


How Will You Know What Your Policy Covers?

The first step in the insurance verification process is to read your policy summary as it should describe the extent of your medical coverage by category. So if there’s no mention of addiction treatment coverage, then don’t assume your policy covers addiction treatment. Yes, it probably includes at least some of the costs, but you need to know how much.

The next step in the insurance verification process is to then call the insurance company’s customer service department. You can then tell them you are calling about rehab insurance verification. Of course, this is where things can get a little confusing. It’s also possible you won’t clearly understand what they tell you. However, you don’t want to leave anything to chance with rehab insurance verification.

Your last option is to ask one of the rehab facility’s administrators to help you with your insurance verification. These employees are highly trained to understand the lingo as well as the entire process. If your insurance coverage does exist, then there are the folks that will find the right answers. However, it would not be inappropriate for you to skip the initial steps and go right to the rehab administrator.


Providing Elite Addiction Treatment Services at Green Mountain Treatment

If you need treatment in or around the Effingham, New Hampshire area, then we represent a beacon of hope. We can proudly say we have a strong record of compassion as well as for getting clients onto the road of a lasting recovery. However, the secret to our success is straightforward. We provide each client with addiction therapy services that include a combination of evidence-based treatment modalities and also holistic therapies. For example, some of our services include:

  • Trauma therapy
  • Aftercare programs
  • Individual and group therapy programs
  • Intensive outpatient care

We hope this information about insurance verification is useful. If you indeed have healthcare insurance and are willing to seek treatment, Green Mountain Treatment stands ready to deliver what you need. Getting yourself started towards recovery is a simple as placing a phone call to [direct]. From that point on, then we can assure you that you will get the high level of care you deserve.

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