Drug Addiction Rehab Center

Addiction affects people in many ways and at many levels. Your addiction may be severe, moderate, or even mild. Regardless of which category you fall into, you will need help ending your substance abuse and starting a new life. That help takes place every day at Green Mountain Treatment. At our drug addiction rehab center in Effingham, New Hampshire, we can offer a genuinely unique recovery.

Do I Need Help from a Drug Addiction Rehab Center?

Young woman realizing she needs the help of a drug addiction rehab centerNo one wants to have to enter a drug addiction rehab center. This is why so many people struggle to admit they have a real problem. But you must see your needs clearly, as well as the needs of people who love you. When drug use causes problems in your life, you need a drug addiction rehab center New Hampshire trusts.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reported in 2012 that only one in 10 people who need addiction treatment actually enter rehab. You should be that one in 10.

Many people avoid drug addiction rehab center help because they think they have to hit rock bottom first. But this myth is incorrect. Simply knowing you need addiction therapy services is the first step to succeed in your treatment program.

Getting to Know Your Addiction

To truly understand your addiction, then you need to see it clearly. Look at the state of your life and relationships, right now. Are they in disarray? Do you experience problems when you use your drugs?

Addiction damages relationships, family life, careers, finances, health, as well as your freedom. This addiction starts quietly, sneaking you into drug tolerance. Tolerance is that phase of substance abuse when you need more and more of the drug to feel its effects.

Dependence is next, making you need your substances to simply function in daily life. Eventually, full-blown addiction takes over your mind and body, driving all of your attention, time, and energy to drug seeking and using.

Doctors and addiction treatment professionals at your drug addiction rehab center in New Hampshire assess the level of your addiction as you enter treatment. This assessment helps them know which therapies you need. It also tells them how severely substance abuse affects your life. They determine your level of addiction through specific criteria, including:

  • Lost control over your substance abuse
  • Wanting to quit but unable to do so
  • Suffering drug cravings
  • Lost interest in activities
  • Spending much of your time seeking more drugs
  • Not taking responsibility for your problems

The more of these criteria you meet, the more severe your addiction. But no matter what level your assessment indicates, not being able to control your drug use means you need real help. You find that help in drug addiction treatment in Effingham, NH.

Addiction Only Gets Worse Without Treatment

Not seeking drug addiction treatment in Effingham, NH, only takes you down a darker path. Doctors today know that addiction is a progressive disease. This means it gets worse and inevitably becomes severe or kills you first.

If you suffered diabetes, asthma, heart disease, or other relapsing diseases, you would not wait to seek treatment. In fact, you would probably place your health as a top priority. The same consideration is critical when drug use shapes and takes over your life.

Drug addiction is chronic. It compares to diseases like cancer and the ones named above. With these other diseases, you do not wait to hit rock bottom. You get help before the disease claims your life.

Finding NH Drug Addiction Treatment for Your Unique Needs

Whether you live in New Hampshire or want to seek treatment in the state for other reasons, you can find the quality drug addiction rehab center help you need. Treatment in Effingham offers a range of programs and therapies required to shape your individualized treatment plan. These programs and therapies include:

Green Mountain Treatment in Effingham, NH, provides the caring and supportive environment you need to stop your substance abuse and create a better future. Call Green Mountain Treatment now at 866.913.7957 to learn why so many people from New England and beyond trust and recommend this drug addiction rehab center.

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