Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a picturesque city in the heart of Middlesex County, positioned just to the north of Boston and separated by the Charles River. Steeped in nature and history, Cambridge is an idyllic location for young families and those attending Harvard University or Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This is a hot spot for startups too, so many businesses thrive here.

Even though Cambridge seems upscale and clean, it has its share of illicit substances making the rounds, just like Boston and other New England cities. Heroin, cocaine and fentanyl are common. Legal drugs like opioids are also popular in Cambridge and have been addressed by the City Council for several years. Of course, alcohol is a widely used substance in Cambridge, much as it is in the rest of the state and the United States overall.

Addiction is a highly complex condition that might make those who are living with it feel ashamed to admit to it, much less talk about it and seek help. Family members may also feel hesitant to speak up and advocate for their loved one because they are afraid that their loved one might reject their offer and become even more addicted.

Overcoming substance use is a long journey but a fruitful and beautiful one. Treatment options are available with a wide variety of methods. Cambridge and its surrounding areas offer multiple rehab centers, residential treatment programs, partial hospitalization programs and outpatient programs that cater to the specific needs of the individual.

You Are Not Alone

In 2018, approximately 88% of drug overdose deaths in Massachusetts involved one opioid, amounting to 1,991 deaths. Synthetic opioids aside from methadone were present in over 90% of opioid-related deaths and marked a 26.8% increase from the previous year. This trend is alarming but can be reversed with proper rehabilitation and treatment programs. There are local and national treatment options available to help you break free from the cycle of substance use.

Finding Help and Recovery in Cambridge, MA

Take some time to think about your substance use or that of your loved one and consider your options for treatment. Be open and honest with yourself about why you need help. Going it alone and quitting cold turkey are not always effective when it comes to ceasing substance use. Being upfront about your needs and understanding your addiction will help you select the right treatment program. There is help available, and it comes in many forms; it is up to you to choose where you might receive the most effective treatment.

Insurance plans have different types of coverage for treatment programs. Some are much more comprehensive than others, but they do cover mental health treatment options. You will need to contact your insurance provider to determine what your coverage entails.

Cambridge Residential Treatment Programs

In terms of intensity, residential treatment programs rank at the top of the list. Many of them have carefully outlined, thorough programs that they follow. The program at Green Mountain Treatment Center, for example, follows a 12-step curriculum. The clinicians integrate these programs into their clinical therapies, weaving them into one cohesive mode of treatment.

Overcoming substance use involves not just changing the behavior but also changing the thought processes behind it. You must be willing to commit to deeply psychological, introspective work while engaging in a residential treatment program. There are also programs available that can help you get on track with obtaining your GED or prepare you with job training for entering the workforce after completing your program.

In-patient rehabilitation programs utilize a wide array of techniques for treating substance use. You will not just go in, detox and then go to therapy every day. At Green Mountain Treatment Center, we offer holistic therapies that can help all kinds of people. A holistic program can involve spiritual development, meditation, health and wellness programs such as yoga or cardio workouts, and therapeutic writing. The goal is to assist a patient by treating them in a whole way: mind, body and spirit. The therapies and activities are a part of each week’s schedule and are incorporated seamlessly into the clinical treatments that patients receive.

Cambridge Partial Hospitalization Programs

A step apart from a full residential program is a partial hospitalization treatment program. Partial hospitalization programs are often helpful for those who have graduated from a fully residential treatment program and desire some continued medical and psychological support.

These programs might run from two to four weeks and offer more flexibility by reducing the hospitalization time that may otherwise be required. You will get more time spent at home while also benefiting from a setting based on group therapy.

Outpatient Programs in Cambridge

Many patients benefit from outpatient therapies. Not every patient requires intensive in-patient rehabilitation for substance use, and you or your loved one might be one of those patients. You may just need some professional guidance as you go through your recovery journey. Outpatient programs in or near Cambridge can offer you the help necessary to navigate your path. Group counseling is often a major aspect of outpatient treatment, so you will have to allow yourself to speak up in a group setting.

Cambridge Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers

Detoxing is one of the most physically and emotionally challenging parts of rehabilitation from substance use. Detoxing can be dangerous when done on your own, which is why medical professionals feel that it is best to do so under guided care. The people who work at drug and alcohol detox centers in Cambridge, MA, know how to handle the different stages of detoxing from all types of drugs and alcohol. Detoxing is all about getting the substance out of your body. In other words, your system needs this time to purge itself of the harmful substances you have been using. When this is done under the care and support of trained professionals, you can more safely get these substances out of your body.

Recovery Meetings Near Cambridge

Taking the first step in your treatment by attending a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program in or near Cambridge, MA, is a huge accomplishment. That cannot be emphasized enough. But what you do after you leave your program matters too, and having support from trained professionals is imperative to your success. That is why treatment facilities like Green Mountain Treatment Center provide a full continuum of care.

Relapse occurs much more frequently than you might think after a patient leaves rehab. A relapse prevention program can help you better understand how and why relapses occur, what to do when you or your loved one relapses and how to get help for yourself or your loved one. Sobriety is exponentially more likely when you have that system of support and a plan to refer to when you need it most.

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous, known by its acronym AA, is a program you can find in Cambridge, MA, and the surrounding areas. This is a support group for those recovering from alcohol use, and it utilizes a 12-step program to help support individuals in a group therapy setting. The 12 steps start with admitting that you were once powerless over alcohol and were under stress from a life you could not manage easily and then progress to experiencing a spiritual awakening.

The sole requirement for attending AA is the desire to abstain from drinking alcohol. You are not required to get up and speak unless you want to, but many find that participation is therapeutic for them.

Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous, or NA, is akin to AA and is based on a similar 12-step program. NA is for those who want to overcome their use of narcotics. Like AA, sponsors who are seasoned members of the group are there to guide newcomers through the program and be their support system outside of the group setting as well. Whenever you feel like using the substance you once took, you can call upon your sponsor to guide you through the emotions you are experiencing.

SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART, which is short for Self-Management and Recovery Training, is a one-of-a-kind treatment program that empowers the individual to utilize their own tools to manage their recovery journey. Whether your harmful habit is using alcohol or narcotics, you can use this program to cultivate your own toolbox for coping with your substance use. It is not like a 12-step program, and there are no spiritual undertones, which makes it accessible and comfortable for people from all walks of life.

There are SMART Recovery groups in and near Cambridge, MA, that can help. This is actually an international non-profit program, and unlike 12-step programs, you are not encouraged to admit that you were ever powerless over the substance you used. SMART Recovery centers around the Stages of Change. These changes include Precontemplation, Contemplation, Determination/Preparation, Action, Maintenance and Graduation/Exit. Relapse is viewed as a normal element of the stages of change and can be a learning experience in the recovery journey.

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon are groups for the loved ones of those who are struggling with substance use. These groups are there to offer support and have adapted the 12-step programs used in AA and NA to help families and friends of those attending AA or NA. These meetings are not typically religious or spiritual in nature, and they encourage members to befriend and support one another.

As is also the case with AA and NA meetings, those who attend Al-Anon or Nar-Anon are not compelled to speak in front of the entire group but can choose to do so of their own free will. There is nothing forced about these programs; they are there to offer support to those who seek it.

Cambridge, MA, provides many different choices for substance use recovery, from in-patient rehabilitation programs to AA and NA meetings. While a program located directly in the lovely and historic town of Cambridge might be ideal for some, you may need to consider seeking a program located outside of the city, such as Green Mountain Treatment Center. The surrounding areas are home to treatment programs for substance use. Also, you should take into consideration what your health insurance is going to cover before committing to a treatment facility or program.

Do not let the fear that you are beyond help stop you from reaching out now. Help is just a few clicks or a phone call away. Contact us at Green Mountain Treatment Center to find out how you or a loved one can begin the journey toward recovery.

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