Adventure Therapy Program New Hampshire

How many times have we heard someone say they need to get away and get in touch with nature? In retrospect, there’s something there that deserves consideration. If someone is struggling with personal problems, an excellent way to clear one’s head is to leave one world and step into another. That notion forms the basis of something New Hampshire addiction treatment professionals refer to as adventure therapy in New Hampshire.

A Description of Adventure Therapy in New Hampshire

People taking advantage of their adventure therapy program in New HampshireThere’s something about the great outdoors that acts as a calming device for people who live the city life. The sheer beauty of mountains, streams, trees as well as wildlife serves as the perfect distraction for someone who is dealing with significant personal problems. This is something that addiction treatment professional always keep in mind.

An adventure therapy program in New Hampshire takes the client into the great outdoors. Once in place, clients participate in activities that target different aspects of developing coping skills. Remember, a good set of coping skills is vital to a person in recovery staying sober long term.

For example, some of the fun and exciting adventure activities our Green Mountain Treatment therapists have at their exposure include:

  • Trust Activities – Teaches clients to work in groups and trust the other group members to give their support
  • Outdoor Education – The opportunity to learn about nature serves as a great distraction from stress
  • Problem-Solving Activities – Groups use challenges and logistical problems to help improve their problem-solving capabilities
  • Wilderness Activities – Teaches clients to be more self-sufficient, which eventually builds self-esteem
  • High Adventure Activities – Teaches the client to be more adventurous and willing to take more risks in life for success

The Benefits of Adventure Therapy in New Hampshire

A good group therapy program in New Hampshire has one relevant directive to help the client learn to cope with different situations. For addiction sufferers, the inability to adapt and cope to different circumstances often forms the genesis of their addiction. If recovery is going to take hold, then the client has to become more adaptive and willing to take charge of their life.

With this mind, let’s take a look at a few of the ways clients can benefit from adventure therapy in New Hampshire.


When someone tries to survive life as an addiction sufferer, they lose themselves in the process. At some point, they might forget who they were before the addiction took hold. A good adventure therapy program in New Hampshire provides the basis for the client to learn about themselves. They also get to learn about their ability to trust, deal with issues, and survive in compromising situations.

Rebuilding Structure

We all need structure in our lives. That’s something addiction sufferers tend to lose while living in addiction. Adventure therapy provides the client with the tools to reestablish goals and then start rebuilding the structure they need to pursue those goals.

Improves Communication

Isolation is a big part of life for someone who is living as an addiction sufferer. They lose the ability to express themselves and communicate with others. Through trust and group activities, clients get a chance to express ideas and also participate.

Green Mountain Treatment – New Hampshire’s Answer to Addiction

From our Effingham facility, we proudly offer addiction sufferers a nice variety of ways to arrest their addiction. We are also proud to offer experimental options like our adventure therapy in New Hampshire. No matter which programs we prescribe, we do so with the full intention of leading the client into a lasting recovery. Some of our treatment options include:

If you are looking for a different approach to addiction treatment, you might consider adventure therapy in New Hampshire. That’s something we can offer you at our Green Mountain Treatment facility. When you are ready to address your addiction issues, please call us first at 866.913.7957 .

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