Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

couple taking smiling selfie after dialectical behavioral therapyDialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) is a very useful evidence-based tool in the addiction treatment process. As a form of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), it works by teaching an individual to stay focused on the present moment to manage cravings, regulate emotions and generally experience life in a richer way.

At our Green Mountain Treatment Center outpatient and inpatient treatment center, we provide this along with other evidenced-based and complementary treatments. We do so in a safe and compassionate environment where you can heal.

Why Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Is So Effective

We’re all humans with complex sets of emotions, needs, and desires. Quite often, as humans, we spend our brainpower focused on the wrongs and regrets of the past. Additionally, we worry about the fears of the future. We do these things rather than being present, at this very moment.

It’s natural to think backward or forward. It’s how you learn from mistakes and plan for the future. But, consequently, when most of our time is spent there, we’re unable to experience what this very moment has to offer — the good and the bad.

The result? You become very ineffective at being you right here and right now. It becomes impossible to manage current emotions or stay focused on something. You can no longer experience the simple joys that life holds.

On top of that, trauma from the past establishes triggers in your brain. These may cause you to lash out based on past events instead of handling that situation based on the current moment. When this happens, you’re no longer in control of your emotions. They’re controlling you.

In this vulnerable state, many people use drugs or alcohol in an effort to control or silence the emotions. But you just end up with the substance also telling you what to do.

DBT is so effective because it helps you regain control of your life in a natural and healthy way. Utilizing DBT at our substance abuse treatment center in NH becomes crucial to recovery.

How Does DBT Work?

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy helps you reclaim control by mastering four important skills, which include:

  1. Mindfulness, being present in the current moment rather than allowing your thoughts and emotions to dwell in the past or future
  2. Distress tolerance, handling distressing situations without lashing out or turning to drug use
  3. Interpersonal effectiveness, more easily interact with others in healthy and constructive ways
  4. Emotional regulation, listening to what your emotions are telling you without allowing them to control you

At Green Mountain, you’ll receive dialectical behavioral therapy in New Hampshire in both the individual and group settings. Through Dialectical behavioral therapy and other treatments, you’ll hit the reset button on your life. As you do, you learn to live a new and more personally-fulfilling way.

How DBT Works Within an Addiction Treatment Program

If addiction has been controlling your life, you need to address it from all sides. In other words, that’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Green Mountain’s program does just that in the inpatient, residential, outpatient settings as well as aftercare

We offer a combination of evidence-based and complementary treatments. Together, these help you get healthy in every way possible. In addition to DBT, some of the holistic addiction treatment programs in NH include:

You know the destructive power of addiction. Green Mountain Treatment utilizes evidence-based treatment like DBT to help you overcome that addiction. Real people. Real recovery. Call us at 866.913.7957 to experience it for yourself.

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