Family Therapy Program

Addiction impacts the entire family, not just the individual who has the addiction. Furthermore, every member of the family deals with addiction in a unique way. Green Mountain Treatment offers personalized treatment for each member of your family through our family therapy program. You can find healing from addiction and renew your family bond once again.

Our innovative approach combines a wide range of treatments such as evidence-based treatment, holistic therapy, and experiential therapy. Whether you participate in the group therapy program or receive care through our individual therapy program, you can get the help you need to overcome addiction as a family.

Dealing with the Disease of Addiction

Family therapy program underway at Green Mountain Treatment CenterNo one in a family is equipped to handle the emotional, mental, and physical toll of addiction. Addiction puts every member of your family under a tremendous amount of stress. It can cause frightening experiences and create a chaotic environment from day to day. For this reason, when addiction happens, it happens to everyone.

Green Mountain Treatment recognizes the disease of addiction that spreads through a family. We offer a holistic approach to treatment that includes therapy and experiential activities for spouses, parents, and children. This personalized approach meets you where you and helps each member of your family address their own struggles while meeting their goals.

Issues That We Address in Family Therapy

The affects of substance abuse are different for each person based on the family structure. Behaviors stemming from addiction can alter the family dynamic and create a whirlwind of unhealthy emotions. When you begin the family therapy program in New Hampshire, we cover several of these issues including:

  • Negative emotions and feelings related to the addiction
  • Lack of structure or safety in the home
  • The imbalance or shift of responsibilities from one family member to another
  • Breakdown in communication on various levels
  • Loosely existing or non-existent boundaries that create an unstable environment
  • One or more members of the family living in denial of the obvious problem

We explore how these issues put a strain on relationships in the family.  You may notice that everyone in your family starts to isolate themselves or limit the time they spend with you. Or, your family may engage through intense conversation or physical violence.

How a Family Therapy Program Can Heal Your Family

If your family is going to make it through your addiction, then working out your problems is paramount. Therapy provides a neutral ground, where you are free to discuss your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings with one another or to your therapist.

Family counseling keeps each person engaged and helps everyone to learn more about your addiction.

Each person is allowed to voice their thoughts and ask questions during sessions. Therapy also teaches your family communication and interaction skills that may not have been present before. You can learn how to work out your difference constructively while growing together with a renewed sense of love and respect.

Addressing Mental Disorders in Therapy

Family therapy for addiction also gives you the opportunity to address treatment for any mental disorders in the family. Mental health issues may include bipolar disorder, PTSD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, or social disorders. Green Mountain offers treatment for disorders and addiction such as:

Get Help for Your Family at Green Mountain Treatment

Addiction can be hard on your family. However, there is hope at Green Mountain Treatment. Our family therapy program provides a warm and caring environment with staff that genuinely cares about your family growth. To find out more about your treatment options, call us at 866.913.7957 . We are here to help you get on the road to recovery.

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