Group Therapy Activities

Group therapy is an effective tool in recovery. It can help people to work together to overcome the difficulties that come with substance abuse and also provide a safe place to find support. The idea of group therapy can be intimidating. The information below will explain the process and give you some examples of group therapy activities so that you can better understand the process.

About Group Therapy

Group therapy is a type of counseling that involves at least one group leader trained in psychotherapy practices and two or more group members. Topics of groups can vary, but the members usually have a common goal to understand, manage, and overcome a particular issue. Examples include learning social skills, gaining effective coping mechanisms, managing addiction as well as overcoming self-defeating thoughts.

Some issues lend themselves well to group therapy because this dynamic provides an opportunity to share experiences, gain support from others dealing with similar problems, and work through problems in a supportive environment. This type of shared experience provides a number of benefits. You can get practical advice from other members who have found strategies that work for them. In addition, the support of others who are experiencing similar issues is reassuring and lets you know you’re not alone.

Group Therapy Activities

Group therapy always has at least one leader who is there to present activities and to facilitate discussions. They provide education and teach specific techniques that help you adapt more readily to everyday living and to avoid relapse. Group therapy activities will also vary depending on the goals of the group and the type of therapist leading the sessions.

Group activities can be focused on talk therapy in which members share personal experience and provide insight into the situations of other members, along with the guidance of a leader. They might also be driven by physical or cooperative exercises such as ice breakers, team building, or cooperative projects. Things like cooking, dancing, art projects, role-playing, trust exercises, or wilderness retreats may be used in group therapy. These types of activities lead to increased trust, confidence, and understanding.

How Green Mountain Treatment Can Help

A group therapy program in New Hampshire like Green Mountain Treatment, can provide you with options such as group therapy that can help you to better understand yourself and also learn coping mechanisms that will serve you well as you transition into your daily life. Professional staff with the expertise and resources to guide you through recovery increase your chance of success and relapse prevention.

For example, treatments offered by Green Mountain include:

Green Mountain offers a wide range of services for every need, including detox, treatment, and aftercare. The road to recovery can be much smoother with the help of a qualified rehab facility. You don’t have to go it alone. Please call us at 866.913.7957 with your questions, to learn more about our group therapy activities and to get started on the path to wellness.

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