Individual Therapy Program New Hampshire

Today’s addiction treatment community puts a lot of emphasis on providing a wide range of treatment methods. Along with what addiction treatment professionals would consider standard treatment methods, we have also seen a rise in the popularity of holistic programs with evidence-based treatments. Arguably, this revolutionary approach to therapy is providing increasingly better results. With that said, there’s one common thread that runs through the entire addiction treatment process at least in New Hampshire. That thread is the importance of individual therapy in New Hampshire addiction treatment.

More About Individual Therapy in New Hampshire

Woman teaches client about an individual therapy program in New HampshireIn our Green Mountain Treatment facility, we understand the importance of an individual therapy program in New Hampshire. There should be little denying that individual therapy is the meat and potatoes of the entire addiction treatment process. Your individual therapy in New Hampshire requires the one-on-one interaction between the client and a therapist.

If it’s cognitive behavioral therapy, then the therapist and client work on identifying the thoughts that create bad behaviors. If it’s a holistic art therapy program, they work on making artwork and appreciation a life skill that improves the client’s overall well-being. No matter which treatment program serves as the primary treatment method, the client, as an individual, also needs complete inclusion.

Of course, group therapy sessions can play a significant role in the treatment and recovery processes. There’s no sense of denying that. However, an individual therapy program New Hampshire option is always going to be where the work translates to results.

The Goals of Individual Therapy

The one thing every addiction sufferer needs is healing. There’s something in their heart, soul, and also mind that’s not working as it should be. Of course, whatever that something is, it becomes the target of individual therapy.

Our New Hampshire addiction therapy services bank on one thing, the commitment of the client. The client has to want/need healing in order to get results. At the absolute least, the client has to open up and also be honest with their therapist. If they can’t get to that point, the likelihood recovery is going to last diminishes. As long as the client is willing to give all they have, the treatment process is going to result in a lasting recovery.

When we are using an individual therapy New Hampshire treatment option, the root causes of the client’s disease are the target. The client needs a clear understanding of what drives them to harm themselves with drugs or alcohol. When the client finally gets that ah-ha moment, it’s at that point that hope is born. There also comes a sense of what part of the addiction illness needs the medicine of counseling.

Life Skills for Recovery

At the moment of clarity, the client and their therapist can start working on the second goal of individual therapy. The client is going to need a defense system against their disease. A sound defense system includes five things:

  • Good coping skills
  • Good life skills
  • Group support from family and friends
  • Group support from other people in recovery
  • Emergency access to programs to prevent relapses

The first two items on this list are crucial. If the client has the ability to cope with temptation and their personal triggers, the relapse monster will have trouble breaking through. A good set of life skills will serve to keep the individual’s body, mind, and spirit intact, making relapses very unlikely.

Green Mountain Treatment’s Key to Success

With our individual therapy New Hampshire approach to treatment, we are seeing a lot of success. Our client’s are embracing the opportunity to address multiple aspects of their lives through evidence-based therapies and holistic treatment programs. The real key to our success is the ability of our therapists to develop custom treatment plans that work. FYI: Here’s a sample of what we offer:

Before your addiction consumes your life, you can choose a course of action. That course of action should be reaching out for help from a reputable addiction treatment facility like Green Mountain Treatment. Through our individual therapy New Hampshire options, we can set you free from addiction. Don’t believe it? Give us a call now at 866.913.7957 .

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