Client to Client Program

You’re ready to head to rehab. But you wonder what it’ll be like. How will you find your way around or learn about the residential rehab schedule? With a client to client program, Green Mountain Treatment has developed a tremendous welcome mat.

Putting out the Welcome Mat

Therapist explains the benefits of a client to client programDon’t worry about figuring out everything on your first day. Green Mountain Treatment understands that entering rehab can seem overwhelming. For this reason, we designed a client to client program. It helps you connect with a peer who’s also in recovery.

This person’s been at the facility for a little longer than you. Even so, they remember what the first few days felt like. Besides that, they already know the routines and where to find various amenities. This peer will also become a friendly face who helps you get along.

Of course, all staff members are available at all times to assist you. However, sometimes, it feels more comfortable to talk to a peer. You want to get the input from someone who’s been where you are now. It feels natural and gives you hope that you can do it.

How a Client to Client Program Benefits the Chosen Peer

The client to client program in New Hampshire benefits all parties. For the established program participant, becoming a peer’s a big deal. It means that you’re well on your way to recovery. Most importantly, it also empowers you to share your experiences with the newcomer.

A Nod to the 12 Step Program

Of course, there’s more to the client to client program than meets the eye. Consider that Green Mountain Treatment is a 12 Step facility. This means that we assist you in attending the meetings. Part of the program is peer mentoring and accountability.

Initially, you find a sponsor when you enter a local 12 Step program. Over time, you may become a sponsor for someone else. By participating in the rehab facility’s mentoring setup, you practice for these events. They feel like second nature when the time comes.

Incorporating the 12 Steps with Other Care Approaches

The focal point of the recovery program is 12 Step immersion. It’s the one program that takes you from detox through aftercare and beyond. That said, you need other modalities along the way. They tie in with the lessons you learn during 12 Step meetings.

Examples include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy that consists of individual and group sessions to change trigger responses
  • Dialectical behavior therapy that decreases self-destructive actions
  • Trauma treatment, which benefits people with PTSD and others who haven’t processed a past situation
  • Grief therapy, which can help you deal with a loss that’s creating substance abuse triggers
  • Individual talk therapy that lets you set goals and creates the framework for recovery

Holistic care is another set of modalities that supports our client to client program in New Hampshire. These treatments focus on your mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. You build self-confidence and self-respect. Therefore, it’s much more natural to mentor someone else.

Typical Points of Discussion

When you participate in our client to client program as an incoming individual, you’ll need help orienting yourself. Besides that, you want to know what it’s like to go to group therapy. Maybe you hesitate about opening up in 12 Step meetings. It sounds weird, and you don’t know what you expect.

Your mentor helps you understand how the program works. This individual had the same reservations you’re struggling with right now. That’s why hearing about this person’s experiences is such a powerful tool. Most importantly, talking to someone who isn’t on staff puts you at ease.

If you’re on the mentoring side of the equation, these conversations show you how far you’ve come. You have to take stock of the growth you underwent. In the process, you appreciate your ability to share your experiences with someone else. Your enthusiasm and optimism are infectious, which helps the newcomer get off to a great start.

Don’t Wait to Sign up for Treatment

Addiction won’t get better on its own. In contrast, it gets worse. Therefore, learn more about the client to client program and the therapies at Green Mountain Treatment. Call 866.913.7957 now to schedule an appointment.

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