As you navigate your day-to-day life as an addiction sufferer, you surely know your addiction comes with risk. If you don’t get off that addiction train, then you could be heading for a disaster. The fact you are reading this information serves as notice you might be ready for a change. If so, we can clear up any concerns you have about addiction treatment by addressing one key aspect of the treatment process. So what exactly happens in the Green Mountain Treatment drug and alcohol detox center?

From Dependence to Addiction to Withdrawal

Doctor explains a drug and alcohol detox center programIn our drug and alcohol detox center New Hampshire location, we see a familiar pattern. Pretty much all of our clients first form a dependence on their substance of choice before it turns into an addiction. The onset of withdrawal symptoms after a period of abstinence stands as one of the key signals an addiction exists.

We cannot over-emphasize the potential dangers that come with withdrawal. For example, on a temporary basis, withdrawal symptoms can be just as dangerous as the drug abuse itself. To give you a little perspective, here’s a partial list of the withdrawal symptoms a heroin user might encounter:

  • Respiratory and circulation problems
  • Loss of motor function
  • Nightmares, hallucinations, tremors, and convulsions
  • Severe muscle cramping in the extremities and stomach region
  • Disruption of normal sleeping patterns
  • Emotional problems like depression and anxiety
  • Nausea and vomiting

Surely, none of that looks enticing. That’s why a drug and alcohol detox center is necessary.

What Takes Place in a Drug and Alcohol Detox Center

With most addictions, it’s simply not safe for the addiction sufferer to attempt to detox on their own. Yes, that also applies to you. The only way to assure you stay safe while your body detoxes is by entering a drug and alcohol detox center. From the moment you arrive in an addiction detox center, you’ll be under the care of the facility’s medical staff.

After assessing your addiction profile, a clinician will determine the proper detox option for you. In our drug and alcohol detox center in New Hampshire, they’ll consider whether or not you could suffice with a holistic detox. If that’s not an option, then a medically-monitored detox program would be the most logical option.

In our medically-monitored drug and alcohol detox center, our addiction staff will be monitoring your detox progress. The goal is to make sure you are as comfortable as possible while you detox. If you experience any pain or discomfort, the attending doctor could prescribe relief medication. That would also include any issues you might have with sleeping. As long as you get through detox in good shape, your mind and body should be ready to handle therapy.

After leaving the addiction detox center, you’ll move on to the inpatient facility where counseling and therapy can begin.

Beyond Detox at Green Mountain Treatment

Our Effingham, New Hampshire addiction center serves clients in the greater Northeast region. Our approach to addiction treatment falls in line with the kind of treatment organization are offering in modern-day facilities. At all times, we also strive to give each client a custom treatment program that addresses their circumstances. Therefore, we can proudly say the evidence points to us having a high degree of success. For your knowledge, we want to point out some of our services and programs:

  • Inpatient and outpatient treatment options
  • Evidence-based treatment
  • Medical & holistic detox
  • Sober Living & Aftercare Programs

If you are reading this because you have an addiction, it might be time for you to seek help. At Green Mountain Treatment, we can start you in our drug and alcohol detox center. From there, we can treat you and get you on the road to recovery. If we can be of assistance, please give us a call at [direct].