Extended Care Program

The extended care program at Green Mountain Treatment offers uniquely structured treatment you can access after you complete rehab. Extended care ensures that you will avoid a relapse once you re-enter your normal routine. Our outpatient addiction treatment center in Effingham, NH provides a variety of options for aftercare that promotes long-term recovery.

You can choose from ongoing therapy, holistic activities, support groups, or sober living programs. Our extended care rehab program in New Hampshire allows you to re-engage with your life without feeling alone. When you have the support you need from professionals who care, then you are likely to continue on the road to a full recovery.

What is Included in Our Extended Care Program?

Man learns about an extended care program from his therapistExtended care lasts indefinitely. Meaning, there is no end to the care you need to get clean and stay clean. We offer aftercare that is flexible enough to cater to your work schedule, family life, and personal needs. What does our extended program include?

  • Evidence-Based Therapy – Over time, you will develop a strong professional bond with your therapist. The good news is that therapy does not have to end. If you want to continue meeting with your therapist, you have that option after your complete rehab. Evidence-based therapy is still available
  • Holistic Activities – If you took advantage of holistic activities while you were in rehab, then you know how integral they are in your rehabilitation. Extended care offers the same holistic activities as rehab. Choose from Yoga, Pilates, art & music therapy, meditation, or animal-based therapy
  • Support Groups & 12-Step Programs – No recovery is complete without a support group. If you are like other clients at Green Mountain Recovery, you may wonder how you would have gotten through rehab without your group. There is an array of opportunities to join a support group once you finish rehab. Support groups and 12-step groups meet throughout Effingham, NH
  • Sober Living Programs – Sometimes re-engaging with the world after rehab is like jumping into the deep end of the pool. Sober living programs give you the ability to slowly return to your life. You can stay in a facility and slowly take on more responsibilities and gain more freedom. Sober living programs provide support groups, therapy, and other types of treatment while you are living in the home

Avoid Relapse: The Purpose of Extended Care

One of the first things you will notice when you complete your rehab program is that although you have changed, the world has not. Your family, friends, job, and community are exactly the same as before. This also means that many of the stresses, struggles, and problems that you left to get clean are all still intact.

If you are not ready to deal with this reality, then you may feel a bit discouraged by it. Rehab and extended care can help you face these realities and manage your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, as you face these situations and environments.

Extended care offers ongoing education, treatment, and support so that you can learn how to navigate life’s struggles – which, incidentally, will never go away – without relapsing back into addiction. If you need that extra bit of support every day or every week, then it is worth if you stay clean in the long run.

Contact Us Today About Our Extended Care Program

Don’t let all of your hard work in rehab go to waste in relapse. Sign up for therapy, holistic treatment, or another extended care option at Green Mountain Treatment. We offer comprehensive care for alcohol or drug addiction with our extended care program. Call us at 866.913.7957 to get started with your treatment.

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