Inpatient Treatment Center New Hampshire

Checking into an inpatient treatment center is the level of self-care you need right now. All this time, you’ve tried to keep everything together. Finally, you realized that it’s time to make a change. Here’s what happens when you work with the therapists at Green Mountain Treatment.

Don’t Compromise on the Level of Care You Need

Man speaks to his therapist at an inpatient treatment centerHealing from substance abuse takes time. For some, it also takes distance. Our residential drug rehab center in New Hampshire offers you a secluded, serene setting. It’s here that adults can reset.

Besides that, the inpatient treatment center is a buffer between bad relationships, job stress, and dysfunctional peer groups. Some clients grapple with codependency in the home. Maybe it’s a parent who’s enabling the substance abuse. For others, it’s a spouse or partner who doesn’t offer the necessary support to quit using.

Because addiction can also be a sign of poor stress management, it’s vital to get away from it. But that’s usually not possible if you’re at home. When you get away, you have a better opportunity to put situations into perspective. It underscores the therapies you undergo.

A secluded venue is an essential aspect of getting away from peers who’re using. They might not support your goal of long-term recovery. Some might also actually try to keep you from going down that road. Getting away – and not being accessible – is a way of healing.

Evidence-Based Care Approaches at the Inpatient Treatment Center

Green Mountain Treatment specialists recognize that taking 30 days to get well isn’t easy. You don’t know what to expect. Most importantly, there’s probably some fear of the unknown. That’s why we’re completely upfront with our treatment model.

We offer a gender-separate care environment that relies on abstinence. Besides that, we serve adults. Our inpatient treatment center therapists provide evidence-based care approaches.

Examples include:

  • Dialectical behavior therapy that teaches you how to control emotions rather than having them control you
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy in one-on-one and group settings for the development of coping mechanisms
  • Dual diagnosis treatment that shows you how to manage underlying mental illnesses to remove drug abuse triggers
  • Trauma treatment, which can help you process a situation from the past that’s currently creating stress
  • 12 Step program participation that supports abstinence from drugs or alcohol for the long term

Fitness is Another Aspect of Healing

The onsite gym at the inpatient treatment center New Hampshire calls is part of our care approach. When you abuse drugs, healthy living goes by the wayside. You don’t watch what you eat. You let your body deteriorate.

The gym empowers you to make changes. You don’t have to be buff. Besides that, you don’t have to start pumping weights. Instead, it’s a matter of taking the first steps back to a healthy lifestyle.

Maybe you don’t like the treadmill. That’s okay. There are other things you can do at the gym. The goal is to help you rethink your lifestyle and get in the habit of taking care of yourself.
That’s also why we help you with life skills such as healthy meal preparation. You relearn how to use food as fuel for your body. In the process, you get away from eating junk food. It’s a great way of practicing self-care while you overcome chemical addiction.

What Comes after a Stay at the Inpatient Treatment Center?

You make it through detox. Next, you go through the program at the inpatient treatment center New Hampshire trusts. Finally, you graduate from the program. What comes next?

Green Mountain Treatment is a firm believer in aftercare. Protecting your early sobriety is crucial. Almost all residential clients benefit from a step-down in care to an outpatient treatment model. It’s a part-time rehab approach that maintains your connection to the center.

As you go through your day, you may encounter situations that trigger you. During outpatient therapy meetings, you address them. Another element of aftercare is the availability of sober living. There, you share a home with peers who’re in recovery.

Of course, before you can get there, you need to get help to end a substance abuse habit. A stay at our inpatient treatment center puts you in a position where you can heal. Connect with Green Mountain Treatment today by dialing 866.913.7957 now.

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