Men’s Addiction Treatment Center

Green Mountain Treatment Center is a client to client program NH residents turn to when they are ready to break free from drug or alcohol abuse. As a mens addiction treatment center, the program offers a wide range of services for those who are struggling with an addiction and looking for treatment in a supportive, empathetic environment. Treatment can allow you to meet your sobriety goals, helping you along every step of the way. From medically supervised detox to aftercare services, you can recover from an addiction when you commit to your future.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Your Recoverya doctor talking to his patient about attending mens addiction treatment center

At a mens addiction treatment center NH residents trust, you may experience cognitive behavioral therapy. This is a way to help you develop more effective thought patterns. For many people dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, negative thinking leads to poor choices. If you are always feeling isolated or overwhelmed, it can feel like your only answer to turn to substances to calm your feelings. When you work with a therapist using cognitive behavioral therapy, you will learn to recognize negative thought patterns and how to replace these thoughts with more productive ones. It is a form of therapy that is often successful at helping those in recovery move forward and prevent a relapse.

What to Expect in a Mens Addiction Treatment Center

You might be wary about entering a mens addiction treatment center. It’s important to understand that you are going to meet a number of people much like yourself. You will meet peers who are learning how to live without drugs or alcohol in a step by step approach. The environment will be calming. You will have the ability to speak with staff when you are having a difficult time. During your stay, you may also experience:

  • Group therapy sessions that begin to teach you the benefits of 12 step programs in your area
  • Family therapy to help you build better relationships with those close to you
  • Individual therapy that includes EMDR to address past trauma
  • Recreational activities to help you get to know your peers in a fun setting
  • On-site gym use, yoga classes and meditation to improve your physical health

Recovery is possible, as long as you take your treatment one step at a time. If you are using drugs or alcohol and you aren’t sure if you need a treatment facility, it’s time to make the decision to call for help.

Relapse Prevention and Sobriety

At our mens addiction treatment center in New Hampshire, you will learn the importance of relapse prevention strategies. This can include an exercise routine that helps you feel grounded, meditation, yoga classes, or getting lunch with friends. Anything that improves your stress levels and keeps you from abusing substances might be considered a relapse prevention strategy. As you grow in your recovery, you will recognize the importance of reaching out to your peers when you feel that your sobriety is at risk. While your friends and family may try to understand, it is the peers you meet along your journey who will get what you are going through. Sobriety takes work, but you can stay sober when you develop strong relapse prevention strategies.

Find Your Way Now Away From Addiction

It’s time to take your life back from addiction. Contact Green Mountain Treatment Center at 866.913.7957 and see the levels of help available to you now. All it takes is a phone call for help and we are there for you the rest of the way.

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