Men’s Alcohol Rehab Center

At Green Mountain Treatment Center, a men’s alcohol rehab center in Effingham, New Hampshire, you will find all the support you need in order to stop abusing alcohol and move on with your recovery. From medically assisted detox to aftercare opportunities, you can get the treatment you need in a serene, comfortable setting. Addiction therapy services NH residents need include an alcohol detox program, residential care, sober living, and holistic therapies. All are offered at Green Mountain Treatment Center, a men’s alcohol rehab center NH residents trust. IF you are addicted to alcohol, it’s time to take a step towards recovery.

Do I Need a Men’s Alcohol Rehab Center?a doctor talking to his patient about his time at mens alcohol rehab center

You might wonder if you are really addicted to alcohol, or if treatment in a men’s rehab center NH is right for you. While everyone is different, when alcohol takes control of your life and interferes with your job or relationships, you probably have a problem with alcohol abuse. It’s possible you need a men’s alcohol rehab center if:

  • You have tried to stop drinking on your own and you always return to it
  • You have lied to your spouse or close family members about how much you are drinking
  • Start to experience withdrawal symptoms within hours after your last drink
  • You want to change, but you aren’t sure what to do next
  • You make bad decisions, like driving while intoxicated, and you continue the behavior

Addiction treatment starts when you are ready to make a change in your life. Detox programs help you withdraw safely from alcohol, while residential programs and intensive outpatient care allows you to build on your sobriety. You will meet others who are trying to live a life without alcohol, and who will become part of your support network once you leave residential care.

The Continuum of Care In Recovery

If you are new to addiction recovery, it’s important to understand continuum of care in order to know your options. If you are actively abusing substances, you start off your treatment in a medically supervised setting. Withdrawing from alcohol can be difficult, and it is always best to have supervision during the process. Once detox is over, you can go to a short-term inpatient program to build strength in your sobriety. When you aren’t ready to return home after detox, residential treatment gives you choices.

An Intensive Outpatient Program, or IOP, is a structured day program to give you guidance throughout the day, while allowing you to return home at night. Some individuals attend an IOP during the day and go home at night, while others live in a sober living environment instead. You will talk to your counselor about your readiness to return home or if a sober living setting is right for you.

Services In a Men’s Alcohol Rehab Center

The services you receive while in a recovery program will depend on your specific needs. In general, you will work with a counselor to create a treatment plan. You will attend group therapy sessions and may be offered EMDR for trauma-based treatment. Each step of the way you will be supported and you will know what to expect next from treatment. You will find help when you ask for it in an environment that is conducive to healing.

Get the Help You Need Now

Stop letting alcohol dictate your life. Contact Green Mountain Treatment Center at 866.913.7957 and get ready to take your life back from alcohol.

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