Mental Health Treatment Center New Hampshire

On its own, mental health issues can have a profound effect one both the one with the illness and society in general. The number of people who are trying to navigate life while in the throes of an emotional or mental disorder is quite alarming. The fact is we don’t know how big the number is because people don’t wear shirts that state they have issues. What we do know is a lot of addiction sufferers also have mental health problems severe enough to warrant treatment in a mental health treatment center.

Mental Health Treatment Centers and Co-existing Conditions

People holding hands at mental health treatment centerAt Green Mountain Treatment, we serve primarily as an addiction treatment center. However, we also provide some services similar to what clients would receive in a mental health treatment center New Hampshire program. We choose to provide this variety of treatment options because we encounter a lot of clients with co-existing conditions. That makes us a dual diagnosis treatment center in New Hampshire.

When we diagnose a client with co-existing conditions, we are stating the clients has an addiction and a mental health issue. The addiction may have caused the mental health issue or quite possibly, the mental health issue prompted the addiction. Either way, the client is going to need the same kind of treatment they would get from a reputable mental health treatment center.

The Importance of Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Many times, clients will enter rehab without the knowledge they have a mental health problem. It’s the responsibility of a treatment facility’s therapists and clinicians to be cognoscente of the possibility a client has co-existing conditions. In our mental health treatment center in New Hampshire, we try to catch it during intake or the early stages of therapy.

When a mental health problem becomes apparent, we immediately shift gears and initiate a dual diagnosis treatment program. Why you might ask? Through experience, we know that we need to treat both conditions at the same time to prevent the untreated condition from interfering with recovery. This happens all the time when someone misses something this important.

Here’s how it works. A client enters rehab with an addiction to anxiety medications. Immediately, our clinicians have to determine if the client is a recreational drug user or are they taking anxiety medications for a reason. If the client already has an anxiety diagnosis, we are clearly dealing with a situation where the mental health issue prompted the addiction. Even after completing treatment in a mental health treatment program in New Hampshire, the client is going to need the same medication. To prevent that, the anxiety disorder needs addressing.

How Your Therapist Can Help

On the flip side of the coin, the client enters rehab with addiction but no history of mental health issues. The client’s addiction therapist notes the client is now showing signs of depression or psychosis. At that point, it’s fair for the therapist to believe life with addiction prompted the client’s mental health issue(s).

Again, when we see either circumstance, we begin acting as a mental health treatment center. The client will likely have to spend time with both a psychologist and an addiction treatment therapist. If a facility fails to treat both conditions simultaneously, relapse becomes a certainty. The untreated condition will eventually create circumstances that drive the addiction right back into the picture.

Green Mountain Treatment’s Mental Health Treatment Center

Yes, our primary treatment focus is drug and alcohol addiction. However, we also run a mental health treatment program New Hampshire option because many clients need it. That’s exactly what we do. We provide custom services that we know will help our clients get to where they want to be. Check out this partial list of addiction treatment services:

  • Residential treatment
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • Medical & holistic detox
  • Evidence based treatment
  • Sober Living & Aftercare Programs

If you suspect you are dealing with co-existing conditions, help is available at Green Mountain Treatment. We can offer access to both our addiction treatment center and a quasi mental health treatment center. Please gives us a call at 866.913.7957 for info about our services.

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