Outpatient Treatment Center New Hampshire

The fact you are reading this information indicates you might be ready to seek help for your addiction. If it’s your first time up to bat, you might not know what to expect. Of course, you’ll want to start by finding an addiction treatment center that meets your personal needs. In all likelihood, your primary concerns will be location and the costs. Those are reasonable concerns. However, you might also want to consider a treatment center that offers a specific type of program. The following information is going to address what you could expect from an outpatient treatment center.

What to Expect From an Outpatient Treatment Center

Clients opening up at an outpatient treatment center in New HampshireThere’s always a presumption that most people dealing with addiction end up in a residential treatment program. That’s certainly a fair presumption, but the reality is actually quite different.

During the New Hampshire rehab admissions process at our Green Mountain Treatment center, our staff handles the intake interviews. Their job is to match each incoming client with the addiction treatment process that will suit their needs. Bottom line, finding the least restrictive option possible is preferable. The least restrictive option is usually an outpatient treatment program.

At our outpatient treatment center New Hampshire location, we offer a wide range of custom treatment services. In most cases, we expect our clients to participate in both individual and group therapy sessions. Each session has a specific purpose, making it a critical part of the addiction treatment process. From a time standpoint, each client will need to spend approximately 4-6 hours a week in our outpatient treatment center. As long as they make good progress, abide by the rules, and make all scheduled appointments on time, all is good. If things are not going as we planned, then the client might need a change. The change could include a step up to an intensive or inpatient treatment program.

Who Qualifies for Treatment in an Outpatient Treatment Center?

As we stated above, we really do prefer to place our clients in the least restrictive treatment program possible. The criteria we use to make such determinations cover several different areas. The following four circumstances represent the criteria we use in our outpatient treatment center in New Hampshire:


Realistically, not everyone has access to the financial resources they need to pay for a higher level of treatment. Clearly, outpatient treatment is going to be the least expensive option. Even if the client has a significant drug addiction, the outpatient option might be the only place to start.

Ongoing Family Responsibilities

Inpatient treatment requires the patient to be onsite 24/7 for at least 30 days. Not everyone has family circumstances that make the inpatient option possible. Sometimes, people have children or elderly parents who require care. If the client is the primary caregiver, outpatient treatment might be the best workaround.

Ongoing Work/School Responsibilities

In other cases, clients might have responsibilities at work or school that requires them to be present. This often happens when the client is the family’s primary breadwinner, and missing work would create a hardship.

Step Down in Treatment

On the lighter side, we often reward intensive outpatient clients with a step down to outpatient treatment programs when possible. These rewards come after good work and progress at higher levels.

More About Great Mountain Treatment

Aside from our outpatient treatment center, we proudly offer a variety of other treatment options. These options include everything from detox programs all the way through the treatment process to our aftercare options. We provide great amenities and have a history of excellent results. We currently stand as a highly rated rehab in the Effingham, NH region. Our services include:

If you have restrictions, Green Mountain Treatment still has an addiction treatment program that will address your circumstances. Of course, if at all possible, we can place you in our outpatient treatment center. If you want to know more about the facility and amenities, please call us at 866.913.7957 .

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