Women’s Addiction Treatment Center

At Green Mountain Treatment Center, we offer a 12 step program NH residents turn to when looking for addiction treatment options. We understand that going to a women’s addiction treatment center is a big step, and we are there to help make your transition into sobriety easier. From medically-assisted detox through outpatient services, we know what it takes to help you on the path of recovery. When you are ready to begin a sober life free from drugs or alcohol, we will work with you to develop a plan that meets your needs.

Treatment Methods In a Women’s Addiction Treatment Center

When you are in a women’s addiction treatment center, you will experience a variety of supportive treatments to help your recovery from your addiction. Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a common method of therapy designed to help you change negative thought patterns into more productive ones. Group counseling sessions occur frequently, and you may be introduced to holistic healing methods such as massage, meditation, and mindfulness. Each program of recovery and addiction treatment is different, designed to address the treatment needs of each person supported in the program. Services may include:a doctor and patient talking about the benefits of a womens addiction treatment center

  • EMDR as a treatment to healing past trauma
  • An introduction to 12 step recovery programs and how to find support
  • Medically-supervised detox to allow you to withdraw safely
  • Aftercare options to strengthen your sobriety
  • Residential treatment programs when you are not ready to return home

There are options when it comes to your sobriety and overall treatment plan. Talk with your counselor at Green Mountain Treatment Center and decide what you need to support your journey of recovery. You may discover that you are not ready to return home and a residential treatment program is right for you.

Relapse Prevention Strategies and Your Recovery Process

While you are in a women’s addiction treatment center in NH, you will hear discussions about relapse prevention strategies. While relapse often occurs for those working on sobriety, getting back to your recovery program is part of the process. Strategies that help you prevent relapse can include:

  • Exercise routines that allow you to calm your mind and build strength
  • Therapy with a counselor who has experience in addiction treatment and recovery
  • Going to 12 step meetings in your community to find support
  • Listening to music, painting, drawing or any other creative activity
  • Trying something new or volunteering in your community to meet new people

Relapse prevention strategies help you reduce your stress levels, making it easier to cope without abusing drugs or alcohol. When you are in recovery, you can look for new strategies that help you live a healthier life. Once you are able to learn a number coping skills that make it easier to stay sober, your entire journey becomes easier. You can overcome an addiction when you pay attention to your stress levels and learn new ways to deal with your urge to abuse substances.

Get the Addiction Treatment You Deserve

Help for an addiction that is in control of your life is a phone call away. Contact Green Mountain Treatment Center at 866.913.7957 and get ready to live your best life. With addiction treatment, you will be able to move on to a brighter future.

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