Women’s Alcohol Rehab Center

At Green Mountain Treatment Center, we offer group therapy programs NH residents turn to when they need help to recover from an addiction to alcohol or drugs. As a women’s alcohol rehab center, we provide care along the continuum to give you the best chance at reaching your long term sobriety goals. For addiction treatment in a calm, beautiful setting surrounded by nature, Green Mountain Treatment Center in Effington is an excellent option. The first step to getting the treatment you deserve is making the decision to call for help.

Is a Women’s Alcohol Rehab Center Right For Me?

It can take time to make the decision that you are not able to stop drinking alcohol on your own. At a women’s alcohol rehab center in New Hampshire, you get the support and care you need to work through an addiction to alcohol and build a foundation of recovery. If you aren’t sure if you need a treatment program to overcome your addiction, consider if you have exhibited some of the following behaviors:a doctor talking to another about womens alcohol rehab center

  • You lie to cover up the amount of alcohol you have been drinking to keep those around you happy
  • You have made efforts to quit but you always return to drinking
  • Have driven while intoxicated and put yourself and others in danger
  • You promise to reduce the amount you are drinking but always end up drinking more

Alcohol addiction can take over your life and make it difficult to function from day to day. If you are done with letting alcohol control you, it’s time for a women’s alcohol rehab center. From the early stage of detox to opportunities for aftercare, you have choices when it comes to addiction treatment. Once you decide that you have had enough of addiction controlling you, it’s time to take your control back.

The Process of Addiction Recovery

Recovering from an addiction starts with a period of withdrawal. Some people try to withdraw from alcohol alone. Unfortunately, it is very common to relapse if you are trying to quit on your own. The withdrawal symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can get dangerous quickly, and drinking alcohol stops the symptoms if you are by yourself. To withdraw safely, it’s important to go through a medically-assisted detox. This process can take up to a week or more, depending on how long you have been abusing alcohol and the amount you have been consuming. Once detox is complete, further services include:

  • Inpatient rehab to allow you to focus on your recovery while surrounded with care 24 hours a day
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs, or IOPs, to give you structure during the day while going home each night
  • Continued therapy to support you in your recovery work
  • Sober living communities to live among peers and continue working on your recovery

Green Mountain Treatment Center provides a continuum of care that offers you help every step of your recovery. Once you begin detox, you will create a treatment plan with your counselor. You might attend group therapy sessions, experience EMDR for trauma based therapy, and get the assistance you need to move on with your life from addiction.

Start Your Sober Journey Now

If alcohol is controlling your life, it’s time to stop the insanity. Get the help you need now. Contact Green Mountain Treatment Center, a women’s alcohol rehab center in NH, at 866.913.7957 and get started on recovery now.

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