Women’s Drug Rehab Center

At Green Mountain Treatment Center, a women’s drug rehab center NH residents turn to for help, we know what it takes to get you on the path to long term sobriety. From your first days in a medically-assisted detox to aftercare programs to help you stay sober for good, we offer services in a secluded, serene atmosphere. You will learn the benefits of 12-step recovery programs, and learn new exercise routines to help you heal your mind and body. With a wide range of treatment to help you gain a sense of well-being, we are a women’s drug rehab center that works.

What to Expect In a Women’s Drug Rehab Center

Being nervous is normal when you make the decision to go to a women’s drug rehab center. You may be surprised at what you encounter once you are in the facility. When you go to a treatment center for addiction, you can expect:a doctor talking to a patient about womens drug rehab center

  • Compassionate staff who help you adjust to your new surroundings
  • Peers who will listen and who are much like yourself
  • Holistic therapies that allow you to heal your mind, body, and spirit
  • A comfortable space that is conducive to healing
  • Counseling to address your treatment needs and come up with a plan of care

While no two drug rehab facilities are the same, you can expect professional, caring support at Green Mountain Treatment Center. With traditional 12-step work and holistic methods to promote better overall health, you can heal from your addiction one step at a time.

Learning Helpful Relapse Prevention Techniques

During your stay in a women’s drug rehab center, you will learn the importance of building relapse prevention strategies. While it is common to relapse while you are in recovery, it is necessary to get back to your sobriety when you do. Relapse prevention strategies help you maintain your composure when you are feeling stressed. When you develop healthy coping skills, it becomes easier to avoid turning to drugs or alcohol instead. Some helpful relapse prevention strategies include:

  • Going to 12-step meetings in the community and getting engaged in the program
  • Meeting a trusted friend on a consistent basis to talk through problems
  • Working with a therapist to have professional support throughout your recovery
  • Volunteering in the community in order to feel more connected

Anything you do to help you have a more positive outlook on life can be beneficial to your sobriety. Pay attention to your triggers, and try to recognize when you are close to turning to your addiction.

Treatment Begins With You

Your commitment to your own sobriety is vital to your success. If you find your commitment waning, reach out for help. Even when you don’t feel ready for a drug rehab facility, you can make the call to get the help you deserve. Once you decide that you need addiction treatment, you will be guided along your path every step of the way. Recovery is possible, but it is up to you to take the first step to get the care you need.

Addiction Treatment Starts Now

Take your life back when you are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Green Mountain Treatment Center is a women’s drug rehab center in Effington, New Hampshire ready to help you stop addiction and move on with your life. Contact us today at 866.913.7957 and get started on your road to recovery.

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