Women’s Rehab Program New Hampshire

Women experience substance abuse just as men do. But the genders struggle with their addictions differently based on cultural and biological issues. These differences make gender-specific rehab treatment suitable for people needing to focus on achieving lasting recovery. A womens rehab program can actually make the difference between getting the help you need and putting off treatment due to societal pressures or personal fears.

Why Do Women Benefit from a Womens Rehab Program?

Patient learning about a womens rehab program in New HampshireWomen, like men, need treatment in a New Hampshire drug and alcohol rehab center to fully recover from addiction, their disease. But women struggle with issues of addiction that are unique to their sex and gender. Some of these include menstruation, breastfeeding, and pregnancy. They also start using drugs for different reasons than most men, such as weight control, body image issues, self-esteem, and fears based on mental health problems.

A womens rehab program addresses the factors that lead women into substance abuse, their root causes of their addictions. Such factors include cues from their environment, society, and biology. These rehab programs also answer to a woman’s needs for treatment, recovery center choice, and effective treatment.

Just as women go into substance abuse with unique motivations when compared to men, and they look for unique facets of rehab programs, they also recover in their own ways. Women worry about financial independence and access to childcare to enable them to go to treatment and stay there for the time they need to achieve lasting recovery. They also seek a comforting environment where they feel safe and able to adequately address some of the issues of their past without judgment or distraction.

Start a Healthier Lifestyle

According to SAMHSA, about 16 million American adult females abuse illicit drugs. They also do so with differences from male counterparts. These differences include how often they use and their choices in which drugs to abuse. Women also suffer addiction more quickly and on a smaller dose than men.

How the female body reacts to drug use also differs. Women are more sensitive than men to some drugs, just as they experience stronger cravings, as well as unique physical influences to relapsing, such as menstruation. Every system and organ in the female body suffers greater effects than those in the male body, due to drug or alcohol abuse. They also experience a higher likelihood of dangerous overdose than men who overdose.

Certain mental health issues play a more significant role in female addiction versus male addiction. These include problems occurring because of domestic violence, divorce, partner death, and child custody. Females also suffer more depression, anxiety, and panic attacks because of their substance abuse.

In a womens rehab program, women receive the care and support they need to work past these influences and issues in their substance abuse. This treatment is delivered in a manner that lets women feel comfortable, safe, and secure. Counselors, therapists, and other treatment staff in a womens rehab program in New Hampshire understand the unique needs of women and meet those needs for a greater chance of sustained recovery.

Who Benefits from a Womens Rehab Program?

Men suffer addiction in higher numbers than women. But this gender gap is closing. American women today abuse prescription drugs and street drugs in higher numbers than ever before, with the same being true of their alcohol abuse.

Factors influencing the need for a womens rehab program in New Hampshire include:

  • Past abuse by men
  • Greater comfort in sharing with women
  • Seeking a supportive, understanding and safe environment
  • Struggling with custody issues
  • Need to focus on self-esteem, body image, and parenting issues
  • Suffer co-occurring mental health problems
  • Want to focus on gender issues that threaten relapse

Where to Find Womens Rehab Treatment in New Hampshire

New Englanders have access to a womens rehab program New Hampshire trusts, a treatment center delivering therapies and approaches best suited for women’s needs. The Green Mountain Treatment Center therapies and programs include:

Green Mountain Treatment in Effingham, New Hampshire understands the unique needs of women when it comes to addiction, rehab treatment, and sustainable recovery. Talk to a caring counselor at Green Mountain Treatment by calling 866.913.7957 today. You or the woman you love can build a better life. That new life begins with the womens rehab program that suits a woman’s unique needs best.

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