The capacity for some people to sustain a long-standing problem with alcohol abuse is nothing short of amazing. Some people have been living the cycle of alcoholism for decades. We often call these folks highly functioning alcoholics. Unfortunately, everyone meets their match sooner or later. There’s only so far an individual can fall before they finally hit what we refer to as “rock bottom.” When that time finally comes, spending time in an alcohol addiction rehab center is the only thing that makes sense.

What to Expect From an Alcohol Addiction Rehab Center

Woman who has decided to enter an alcohol addiction treatment programWhen clients enter our alcohol addiction rehab center in New Hampshire, we greet them with empathy. Our clinicians and therapists have a great desire to help every one of them. Our process starts with an intake interview. After assessing the client’s disposition, we can then place them in an appropriate addiction treatment program. As anyone could guess, long-term alcohol addiction sufferers often require time in a detox program. This is necessary because of the fact most clients are going to encounter significant withdrawal issues. For example, we are talking about symptoms like:

  • “the shakes” or shaky hands
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Hallucinations and tremors
  • Great difficulty sleeping
  • Profuse sweating
  • High blood pressure and problems with heart rate
  • High levels of anxiety

In a medically-monitored detox program, doctors can prescribe certain medications to keep clients safe as well as comfortable.

The next step in our alcohol addiction treatment in Effingham, NH, would be therapy. The client has to spend time looking honestly at the basis for their drinking problem. Minus this step, the likelihood of relapse becomes a certainty. If the client finds the root-causes of their addiction, then they’ll have ample opportunity to acquire the tools to fight back.

The real challenge comes when its time to walk out the doors of the alcohol addiction rehab center. That’s when everything the client has learned gets put to the test. With the right coping tools and access to aftercare treatment resources, lasting recovery becomes a real possibility.

After Leaving the Alcohol Addiction Rehab Center

When clients are ready to leave our alcohol addiction rehab center in New Hampshire, we offer access to aftercare resources. That includes additional outpatient counseling, referrals to sober living facilities as well as where to find 12 Step meetings. The integration of 12 Step programs into our alcohol addiction treatment in Effingham, NH, is very apparent. We firmly believe in the concept of one addiction sufferer reaching out to help another one. Of course, aftercare is all about caring what happens to the client after treatment is complete.

Green Mountain Treatment’s Attack on Addiction

As part of our alcohol addiction treatment process, we wage war against the addiction. In our arsenal of weapons, we maintain a large menu of both evidence based and holistic treatment options. At every turn, we try to give each individual exactly what they need from treatment. In the end, we have done our job when a client wins the battle. Our list of services and programs includes:

  • Residential programs
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Cognitive Behavioral and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy options
  • Medical & holistic detox – in-house
  • Sober Living & Aftercare Programs

What can we say to convince you there’s no time like the present to deal with your drinking problem? To secure a happy future, you need to spend time in an alcohol addiction rehab center. Coming into our Green Mountain Treatment facility is the way out of your addiction. Please call us at [direct].