What Is Rehab Like?

Are you considering treatment, and wonder what is rehab like? This is a valid question, whether you previously completed a treatment program, or are seeking treatment for the first time. When you have questions about treatment, or if you want to know what rehab is like, the staff at the residential drug rehab NH location of Green Mountain Treatment Center are here for you.

Rehab programs that provide comprehensive treatment consider your specific treatment needs and base your rehab program on several factors. These are often depending on the results of your initial assessment. Learn more about rehab, and why it is the best chance for recovery from your substance abuse, mental health disorders, or dual diagnosis disorders.

What is Rehab Like?

Rehab consists of many components, no matter your treatment needs. Learning what treatment is like for someone else does not mean it will be exactly the same for you. Every person that enters into rehab receives his or her own assessment and treatment program that encompasses individualized treatment modalities.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) explains that a drug addiction rehab program helps individuals with addiction to stop seeking and using illicit substances. The Green Mountain Treatment Center professional staff have the expertise to provide rehab for you, whether you have an alcohol use disorder, drug addiction, or dual diagnosis disorder.

The first step to recovery is making the call to seek the help that you need. People that wonder what is rehab like often experience a sense of peace and relief once they arrive at the ideal healing environment that focuses on treating you as a whole person, not just your addiction. The holistic approach helps heal your body, mind and soul.

What is Rehab Like for the Duration of my Treatment?

There is no specific amount of time that you or another client receives rehab. It is an ongoing process from the moment you enter detox, throughout your treatment program, when you enter aftercare. Even when you go out into the world after your treatment.

Addiction, no matter whether you have alcohol addiction, drug addiction, or dual diagnosis disorder, is a disease. Treatment professionals at evidence-based treatment centers realize that your addiction is not your unwillingness to stop abusing substances.

Some examples of what rehab is like includes:

There are other aspects of what rehab is like, such as medical detox if you need it before residential treatment, participation in 12-step programs, relapse prevention, and treatment after relapse. Extended care programs and sober living programs are often options after treatment.

What if I Have Additional Questions about What is Rehab Like?

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) explains that no matter how severe your addiction, there are benefits of receiving treatment. NIAAA reports that more than one-third of all individuals that receive treatment for alcohol addiction have no further symptoms one year after completing treatment. That does not mean that an individual does not have further questions about rehab, or how to maintain their recovery.

The Green Mountain Treatment Center staff welcomes you with empathy. We answer your questions about what is rehab like with the expertise of professionals that are highly trained in treating addiction and mental health disorders.

Contact us at 866.913.7957 to get on the road to recovery today. Gain control over your addiction, and learn to live a lifestyle free of alcohol and other drugs.

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