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People arriving at our treatment center frequently wonder why we chose a secluded location for the venue. After experiencing the center for a couple of days, they understand. Everything we do at the Green Mountain Treatment facility supports your recovery,  including the beauty and serenity of the nature that surrounds us.

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Green Mountain Treatment therapists specialize in evidence-based modalities. This means that the care you undergo has a proven track record of helping others. Therefore, you can have confidence that the therapy services work.Examples include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy that emphasizes the importance of boosting healthy coping skills
  • Psychotherapy as a tool for overcoming mental health disorders that trapped you into self-medicating
  • Group therapy, which empowers you to relearn social skills and benefit from peer counseling
  • Talk therapy as a way of setting goals and benchmarks with a therapist who gets to know you
  • 12 Step program participation, which creates the framework for your recovery
  • Holistic care approaches that promote mind, body, and spiritual wellness

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  • Drug Addiction Rehab Center
  • Alcohol Addiction Rehab Center
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center
  • Residential Drug Rehab
  • Client to Client Program
  • 12 Step Program
  • Holistic Therapy
  • Group Therapy Program

Paying for Services

When you first contact our treatment center, intake advisors offer to conduct an insurance verification. This is a service that Green Mountain Treatment provides to prospective clients. The expert contacts your insurer and finds out information about your benefits. You’ll know what the company pays, if there’s a co-payment, or also if you have any co-insurance payment due.