Green Mountain Drug Rehab Center in Effingham, NH

Green Mountain Treatment Center is part of a decade long legacy of providing fantastic, high-quality addiction treatment to the New England area. Our drug rehab center in Effingham, NH is a picturesque location in which to recover from substance abuse issues. From detox to therapy to aftercare options, we provide multiple levels of care for every step of your recovery. Green Mountain Treatment’s unique blend of evidence-based and holistic therapies allows every client to find a balance in their recovery that fulfills their exact needs.



Regardless of your exact substance abuse issue, your recovery will start in a drug and alcohol detox center. After cleansing your system, you will then transition into therapeutic treatment at Green Mountain’s drug or alcohol addiction rehab center.



For the most severe and dangerous cases of addiction, the Green Mountain medication assisted treatment program can help. In certain cases, we use medication assisted treatment to help with cravings or replacement therapy.



For clients who present with both addiction and a co-occurring mental illness, Green Mountain Treatment provides a dual diagnosis treatment center. In this program, our drug and alcohol rehab center also treats any underlying mental illnesses.



Residential drug rehab programs are the most effective levels of addiction care. Patients live at Green Mountain Treatment Center and participate daily in therapies and activities such as our group therapy program and holistic treatment options.


Holistic Therapy

At Green Mountain Treatment Center, we utilize holistic therapy to effectively treat the mental and emotional distress that accompanies addiction and mental illness. Our facility provides clients with several holistic treatment options including yoga, meditation, outdoor excursions, an on-site gym, and more!

Group Therapy Program

When it comes to successfully healing from addiction, no one understands your struggles better than your peers in recovery. Green Mountain’s group therapy program allows you to connect with your fellow clients in recovery and utilize each other for support and strength during your recovery journey.



We ask you to be open-minded and willing. Our staff is made up of the best in the business, and, more than that, many of them have emerged from addiction themselves and gone on to live bountiful, sober lives. We understand that coming to treatment is a big commitment, but we want you to know that we’re here to guide you. At GMTC, our full continuum of care ensures you are taken care of while you are here and after you leave. Furthermore, we are committed to not only treating substance use disorder, but the all-encompassing mind, body, and spirit.
Granite Recovery Centers offers a unique continuum of care that carries our client from medical detox all the way to independent sober living. Our clients often begin treatment in our medical detox, where we have a licensed medical facility. Here we have round-the-clock care to ensure this process is as comfortable as possible. To learn more about the levels of detox care, please check out What to Expect at Green Mountain Treatment Center’s Medical Detox Center. After detox is completed, we offer programming in which clients look inward to understand the internal complexities of their addiction. We utilize a 12-Step program and have organized groups led by our counselors to help begin your recovery journey. At each level of care, you will have an individual counselor with whom you will set goals and work toward them. You will also participate in 12-Step support groups, create an aftercare plan for when you leave, and you will participate in the following types of addiction therapy programs by our clinicians in both individual and group settings:
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)
  • Trauma therapy
  • Experiential therapy
  • Holistic addiction therapy
A typical day at GMTC begins with an early morning wake-up followed by meditation and house chores (divided up amongst the clients on a rotating schedule) and then breakfast. From there, you will have groups led by recovery staff and/or meetings with your individual therapist. Lunch is then served, followed by more groups in the afternoon depending on where you are in your treatment and your specific needs. On the weekends, clients enjoy a bit more freedom for group activities, to have visits with family, recovery meetings, and movie nights.
We provide plenty of options for you to keep physically and mentally active. We have an on-site gym with stationary bikes, elliptical, Stairmasters and treadmills along with free weights and yoga mats. You will also have the option to work with a physical trainer if you so choose. We offer yoga classes throughout the week, and encourage you to utilize the beautiful campus for nature walks, weather permitting.
GMTC is spread across 72 acres of land with sweeping views of the White Mountains. The grounds also contain an apple orchard and many walking paths for clients to enjoy. Men and women’s residences are separated across the campus and consist of shared bedrooms with private bathrooms in each room. Clients have full beds, dressers, and closets as well as access to a lounge and living room both outfitted with TV’s, tables, and couches. The common areas of the campus include the cafeteria/dining hall and Great Room that features a grand piano, fireplace, and seating areas.
Visiting days occur on the weekends at your individual therapist’s discretion.
We are happy to assist with transportation if need be! Our Admissions representatives can arrange for a member of our staff to pick you up. GTMC is located in Effingham, which is on the border of New Hampshire and Maine.
Please check out our page about What to Bring to Rehab.

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