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8 Things You Should Know About Granite Recovery Centers

1. We’re the Word on the Street

Learn more about Granite Recovery CentersWe do things differently at Granite Recovery Centers. By all estimates, our approach to treatment works. And like any group of people swimming against the tide of accepted norms for the greater good, we consider ourselves A MOVEMENT. Our clients, practitioners, and administrators together are a movement – away from a lonely and isolated existence, personal dislocation, non-identity, and societal fragmentation, toward a fulfilling life of purpose where every person has an opportunity to make a contribution that is meaningful. Every business, every organization, every treatment center has a pulse, a spirit, a rhythm. Our New Hampshire addiction treatment centers are all about renewed life. Physical and spiritual rebirth. This is why GRC is the word on the street.

2. We Have a Special Sauce

Addiction treatment centers come in many shapes, sizes, and approaches. Some are exclusively clinical in nature while some choose to focus on spiritual approaches like that found in the 12 Steps of A.A. Still others, and thankfully few, use punitive means to modify behavior while a growing number choose to treat addiction to drugs with more drugs. Our approach – our special sauce, if you will – is to take the best aspects of evidence-based clinical psychotherapy and integrate them into the powerful healing to be had through focused and committed 12-Step study and action. In practice, it’s nearly impossible to see these two elements as separate and distinct as our 12-Step facilitators, licensed clinicians, case managers, and other addiction treatment staff members speak with one voice in building and implementing a treatment plan – different for every client – that has the best potential to achieve real, lasting abstinence and recovery.

3. Addiction is Not Your Fault

We don’t subscribe to the bankrupt idea that addiction is an individual moral failing or a deformity of character. Nor do we believe that addiction is a supply side problem, brought on by the availability of drugs and alcohol. What we do believe is that addiction is a chronic disease. Like-minded professionals refer to this as the “disease concept”. We believe further that the disease of addiction is greatly exacerbated by societal pressures, the ravages of economic inequality, and an inability to meet ever-rising expectations and warped definitions of success and happiness. Addicts, we believe, are using drugs and alcohol to anesthetize themselves against the pain inherent in being sober in a sometimes unkind and often unfair world. If you believe as we do, and accept the truth of addiction as a disease, then you will agree that addicts are not bad people trying to become good. Rather, they are sick people trying to become well. And that is at the core of the work we are doing here.

4. Why Be In Recovery When You Can Be Recovered?

The men and women who have passed through these doors and emerged on the other side of addiction will tell you they are recovered. Not recovering. Recovered. And from where we stand, there’s a fundamental difference. Recovering, to us, means spending a lifetime walking on eggshells, waiting for the next shoe to drop, avoiding people, places, and situations that might crack the thin veneer of a sobrietal existence and send one reeling into relapse. For those who do the grueling work that real and good treatment demands, put nose to grindstone and fulfill the requirements of the 12 Steps, bare their soul under clinical examination, and build for themselves a new design for daily living, the compulsion to use is removed. These people are recovered. Make no mistake, they are not “cured”. They are addicts and alcoholics for life. They get a daily reprieve based on their continued hard work and no longer suffer from the symptoms or obsession and emotional malady of addiction.

5. Recovery is Talent-Driven

Recovery can’t happen unless the people providing treatment are among the best in the field. Beyond resumes, degrees, and certificates, the intangibles of deep commitment, empathy, and selflessness are “talents” that make the difference between clients merely getting sober and getting well. A great many of our employees are recovered (there’s that word again) addicts themselves. And many of those people are alumni of these very walls. We happen to believe with every fiber that no one is better suited to help an addict recover than a recovered addict. And then there’s everyone else in the organization, each driven by a sincere desire to do good and help others. Real People, Real Recovery isn’t a tagline an ad agency wrote for us. It’s a declaration about the elite people we employ, each of their lived experiences, and how they harness personal insight into the darkness of addiction to lead others out of it.

6. Family Matters

Addiction is like the proverbial pebble thrown into the pond; its effects extend far and wide. Addiction upends more than the addict. It affects families, friends, employers, and co-workers. No one is unscathed. For this reason, we place a great deal of stock in the importance of family involvement in the treatment process. It’s not only critical for an addict to gain the support of his or her family. It is equally critical that loved ones gain an understanding of the disease of addiction and its roots, as well as learn new and productive behaviors in dealing with the recovered addict. To that end, Granite Recovery Centers offers an ongoing weekly Family Recovery Workshop where families of clients can gather together, share their experiences, build new interpersonal skills, and gain important insights that will help them successfully navigate life with their loved one after treatment and far beyond.

7. We Are Client Experience-Driven

Everything we do here caters to the client experience. We want every client to feel welcome, embraced, and at ease when they join us for treatment. Our “buddy system” pairs clients well on their way through our treatment program with clients just coming through the door for the first time. This is a powerful way to communicate the positive effects of our program through the words and actions of fellow addicts while placing new clients at ease. We want our clients to be comfortable in our care. But don’t confuse comfort with luxury. We aren’t running a spa. Our drug rehab treatment centers are always clean, cozy, and comfortable – and the food is excellent. But those things are secondary to the comfort of knowing that you are in good hands with people who not only understand where you’ve been, but can also personally model where you are heading.

8. We Have Our Own Tribe

We’ve said an awful lot here about what we do and why you should place your trust in our hands. If you ask any of our alumni, they’ll tell you that the work we do, worked for them. That what we do, in many a case, saved their lives. To us, these fine men and women are far more than just former clients. They are family. With shared experiences, shared respect, and a singular voice, they are a tribe in every sense of the word. We hope you will choose to become part of the Granite Recovery Centers tribe.

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