a family having a nice sober thanksgiving

Sober Thanksgiving

The holidays are a particularly difficult time for many individuals in recovery. Whether you are newly in recovery, 10 years into your recovery, or still thinking about drug treatment, the holidays, including Thanksgiving, offer unhealthy temptations. The staff at the Green Mountain Treatment Center, a comprehensive drug addiction rehab center NH location, offers support for…

a woman struggling with addressing her physical dependence

Physical Dependence

Many people likely assume that addiction, tolerance to alcohol or other substances, and physical dependence of a substance is one and the same. Actually, there are distinct differences between addiction and dependence. When you have the signs, symptoms, or effects of dependence, the medical detox center NH option at Green Mountain Treatment Center is here to help you.…

a person looking at their prescription after learning Opioid Epidemic Statistics

Opioid Epidemic Statistics

Opioid epidemic statistics provide a clear picture of the serious crisis in the United States. Opioid-related addictions and deaths rapidly surpassed the statistics for other commonly abused drugs. The drug addiction rehab center NH staff of Green Mountain Treatment Center knows the opioid epidemic statistic rates. The highly qualified staff provides exceptional treatment for individuals addicted to opioids.…