Rehab Admissions

The realization you are dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction will probably come as a revelation. In all likelihood, you have been living in a world of denial. While you have been denying the fact you have a legitimate illness, you have simultaneously been denying yourself the help you need. However, the time has come to set the record straight. Of course, there’s only one viable way for you to deal with your addiction. That’s though treatment is a reputable drug and alcohol addiction rehab center like Green Mountain Treatment Center. The following information is going to take you from rehab admissions to aftercare.

The Rehab Admissions Process

Woman happy to have gone through rehab admissionsOnce you have done your research and found the right rehab center, you’ll have to go through rehab admissions. While the rehab admissions process for each addiction treatment center is going to differ, the objective is going to be the same. During intake, the facility’s intake clinician is going to be developing your addiction profile.

You addiction profile is going to play a vital part in determining the path of treatment your counselors will use. The rehab admissions clinician is going to ask questions about your addiction, questions like:

  • What substances have you been abusing?
  • How long have you been using drugs/alcohol?
  • How much are you using or drinking regularly?
  • Are there any mental disorders you have that you are aware of at this time?
  • How has drug abuse affected your life?

These are the most basic questions. It’s necessary for a clinician to ask these questions during rehab admissions to understand that with which they are dealing. From there, they can formulate the path of treatment.

After Rehab Admissions

After the rehab admissions process, treatment will start in earnest. In all likelihood, you’ll go through a 3-step process, starting with detox, onto therapy and finishing with aftercare.

A detox process is almost always necessary. Why? When an addict suddenly stops using their drug of choice, they will have to deal with potential withdrawal symptoms. Some withdrawal symptoms can present severe dangers to the addiction sufferer’s physical and mental health. The goal of a medically-monitored detox program is to help the client get through withdrawal with as little discomfort as possible. If that means the facility’s medical staff needs to provide relief medications for pain or sleeping issues, so be it.

After the client’s physical dependence and cravings have diminished, the client will undergo intensive therapy. The client’s counselor will have access to both individual and group therapy options. Through open and honest communication, the client’s mission is to obtain a higher understanding of their addiction. They need to know the reason or reasons why they feel the need to abuse substances. With this knowledge, they can start devising a defense system to help protect themselves from relapsing after treatment. This defense system includes coping and life skills. With the right coping and life skills, the client should be in a position to defend themselves against temptation and their triggers.

Recovery at Green Mountain Treatment Center

Once you arrive at our Effingham, New Hampshire facility, you’ll be subject to a high level of care. As a top rehab facility in the Northeast, we maintain a substantial arsenal of addiction treatment options. Our counselors will pick from these options to provide you with a custom treatment plan that targets your circumstances. Your ability to establish and maintain recovery will be reflective of the success of our approach. In that regard, here’s a partial list of our treatment services:

  • Medical & holistic detox
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • Evidence-based treatment like CBT and DBT
  • Holistic Treatment Options
  • Sober Living & Aftercare Programs

Instead of continuing down the path of self-destruction, let Green Mountain Treatment Center help rescue your life. After rehab admissions, you’ll learn there is a better way to live your life than being a slave to your addiction. If you have an interest in more information about our facility or services, you can call us at [direct].

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