Adults arriving at our substance abuse treatment center frequently wonder why we chose a secluded location for the venue. After living at the center for a couple of days, they understand. Everything we do at the Green Mountain Treatment facility supports your recovery from substance abuse. Here’s how it works.

Overcoming Poor Stress Responses in a Healing Environment

Woman considering enrolling in a substance abuse treatment centerFor many clients at our NH substance abuse treatment center, maladaptive stress responses are a cause of chemical dependency. Maybe you didn’t know how to deal with the pressure of work or family life. Then, you reached for a drink. Soon, you drank to excess.

Maybe you picked a different drug. No matter what substance you took, it hooked you. Now, you struggle with stress and addiction. That’s why a tranquil setting is so crucial to recovery.

Moreover, we designed the interior of our substance abuse treatment center to be just as relaxing. The facilities feature cozy living spaces, common areas that are inviting, and kitchen facilities that encourage conversation. There’s a fully equipped onsite gym. The nutritional meals take place in an airy, light dining room.

Evidence-Based Treatments Focus on Recovery at the Substance Abuse Treatment Center

In addition to providing a healing environment, Green Mountain Treatment therapists specialize in evidence-based modalities. This means that the care you undergo has a proven track record of helping others. Therefore, you can have confidence that the addiction therapy services work.

Examples include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy that emphasizes the importance of boosting healthy coping skills
  • Psychotherapy as a tool for overcoming mental health disorders that trapped you into self-medicating
  • Group therapy, which empowers you to relearn social skills and benefit from peer counseling
  • Talk therapy as a way of setting goals and benchmarks with a therapist who gets to know you
  • 12 Step program participation, which creates the framework for your recovery
  • Holistic care approaches that promote mind, body, and spiritual wellness

When you arrive, you meet with our staff members. You’ll also meet a peer. Our client-to-client program makes your introduction to the substance abuse treatment center easy. This peer is also in recovery and answers questions, offers encouragement, and helps you find your way around.

A Full Continuum of Care

What makes our facility the NH substance abuse treatment center locals trust is the full continuum of care. If you need medical detox before beginning rehab, you undergo it here. Therefore, you don’t have to concern yourself with a transition from another facility. Best of all, we also offer sober living assistance.

After program graduation, you benefit from access to these homes where you live with peers. It’s an excellent transition out of full-time residential treatment. Almost all clients enjoy this opportunity to practice their coping, social, and life skills. Besides that, you also find work and connect with a 12 Step group and sponsor.

It’s a great way of returning to society. You feel comfortable with the kind of person you’ve become. Most importantly, you’re satisfied with the idea that you can navigate stressors and triggers.

How to Pay for Rehab

When you first contact our substance abuse treatment center, intake advisors offer to conduct an insurance verification. This is a service that Green Mountain Treatment provides to prospective clients. The expert contacts your insurer and finds out information about your benefits. You’ll know what the company pays, if there’s a co-payment, or also if you have any co-insurance payment due.

This is a convenient way to find out how to pay for rehab. You don’t have to spend hours reading your plan documents. Working with our intake specialist is faster and less labor intensive. And when you struggle with substance abuse, reading through lengthy policy papers isn’t something you should have to do.

You Owe It to Yourself to Get Well

You’ve struggled with addiction. Maybe you’ve tried quitting time and again. It scares you that the drug keeps winning. Don’t panic!

Moreover, don’t give up. There’s hope. Rehab empowers you to put a stop to the disease and then beat it into remission. Enroll at the Green Mountain Treatment substance abuse treatment center today by calling 866.913.7957 now.