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Kristen Bergman

What is an Al-Anon Meeting?

Substance use disorder has upended the lives of so many, but only in recent years has it been truly acknowledged as a disease—one that can

Kristen Bergman

Stimulants vs. Depressants

Different types of drugs affect people differently. This can be due to the fact that each person’s body is made up differently, and situational differences can also have an

Kristen Bergman

The Link Between Addiction & Domestic Violence

One of the less talked about issues that coincide with substance abuse is domestic violence. The American Society of Addiction Medicine reports that substance abuse

Kristen Bergman

Alcohol Consumption During COVID

During times of stress, people often reach for alcohol. A substance long-relied upon for social relief, celebratory occasions, and for pleasure, it is also used

Green Mountain Treatment Center

Addiction Resources for Firefighters & EMS

Firefighters, EMS Workers, and Substance Abuse Disorder First responders experience an extremely high level of stress every day on the job. They are called to

Kristen Bergman

The Pink Cloud

One of the scariest parts about recovery from substance abuse is also the reason many begin using in the first place: emotions. After pushing them

Kristen Bergman

Dealing with Homesickness in Rehab

Deciding to go to rehab is no small or simple choice. Every situation presents different circumstances, and the decision could have been made for any

Kristen Bergman

Relapse Prevention and Strategies

It is often said that relapse is a natural part of the recovery process. Because the goal of recovery is sobriety—and the failure to achieve

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