Addiction Therapy Services

Do you wake up every day to horrible withdrawal symptoms? If so, then taking drugs isn’t about the high any longer. You’re just trying to feel normal. The comprehensive addiction therapy services at Green Mountain Treatment can help you do just that, without using drugs.

A Comprehensive Care Model Takes You from Detox to Aftercare

You work with therapists who provide trusted NH addiction therapy services. They understand that you’ve had enough of the drug that’s ruining your life right now. They know that you feel desperate. Most importantly, they realize that you worry about what rehab will be like.

Of course, you’re afraid of the withdrawal symptoms. Medical detoxification helps you deal with cravings, symptoms, and pain. Then, you’ll transition to rehab; this is the time that you break the psychological addiction. Finally, you enter our aftercare program for ongoing support in sobriety.

Medical Detoxification Removes the Poison from Your Body

Before undergoing addiction therapy programs in rehab, you need to overcome physical dependence. You can’t focus on psychotherapy while your body screams for the drug. That’s why Green Mountain Treatment starts most clients with detox. It only takes about five to seven days.

We offer medical detoxification and addiction therapy services for all types of drugs. Stimulants or depressants, we can help you quit using. Depending on the substance, we may monitor you around the clock to prevent medical emergencies. This is of particular importance when quitting alcohol.

Evidence-Based Addiction Therapy Services during the Rehab Portion of Care

Once you finish detox, it’s time to begin rehab. The foundational concepts of our addiction therapy programs are the 12 Steps. This program exemplifies how to become and stay sober. Most importantly, it’s something you can continue long after you graduate from the facility.

Therapists adjust your care protocol depending on your needs. Typical treatments emphasize the development of healthy coping mechanisms. An excellent modality to achieve this goal is cognitive behavioral therapy. It lets you uncover dysfunctional connections in your thinking and acting.

Because these types of dysfunctions result in triggers for substance abuse, it’s essential to overcome them. By pinpointing the problem and working out new ways of dealing with it, you can disarm triggers. Another care approach is dialectical behavior treatment.

This therapy focuses primarily on regaining emotional equilibrium. Sometimes, a clinician will combine it with grief counseling if needed. It can also be a jumping off point for trauma therapy. Because the therapy experience is as unique as you are, it meets your needs.

Holistic Therapy Focuses on Healing the Mind and Spirit Connection

Most addiction therapy services focus on the body and brain. However, your mind and spirit also suffered. You lost a lot of confidence while you were struggling with addiction. Similarly, you lost self-respect.

You may no longer believe that you can make the changes you need to progress. Green Mountain Treatment offers holistic options for our NH addiction therapy services that emphasize healing for the whole person. Examples include:

  • Spiritual development that gives you a chance to reflect and connect with a higher power
  • Meditation as a tool for breathing through anxiety and stress
  • Therapeutic writing, which ties in with participation in the 12 Step program
  • Yoga for an easy introduction to exercise and cardio work
  • Experiential therapy in the form of outings with peers who’re also in recovery

The goal of holistic addiction therapy services is a return to an innate sense of wellness. You learn how to feel good about yourself as well as the progress you make. It inspires you to keep working on personal growth. Doing so is instrumental for aftercare.

Aftercare Encourages You to Transition to the “Real World”

The “real world” can seem like a scary place. However, overcoming physical and psychological addiction prepared you. You no longer have the same cravings, triggers, and stressors that used to bother you. Even so, you might prefer to enter a sober living facility before returning home or finding an apartment.

However, before you can get to this point, you need to work through the addiction therapy services program. It empowers you to make the changes you know you need to undergo. Green Mountain Treatment therapists want to help you regain sobriety. All it takes is a call to 866.913.7957 to start the process.

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