Yoga Therapy Program New Hampshire

In this modern age of addiction treatment, the focus is shifting away from standard addiction treatment programs. Throughout the addiction treatment community, therapists are coming to the realization that each client is a unique individual. As such, a cookie-cutter approach to treatment isn’t likely to be effective. The fact is the occurrence of relapses is still too high. About ten years ago, addiction treatment professionals in New Hampshire and other parts of the country began using a different approach. One of the cornerstones of this new approach is holistic programs like yoga therapy in New Hampshire.

About Yoga Therapy in New Hampshire

People enjoying a yoga therapy program in New HampshireFor centuries, yoga has provided people with a great way to exercise both their minds and bodies. It’s effectiveness eventually led to yoga becoming a viable form of therapy for certain physical and mental health problems. It was only in the last 10 to 15 years that the addiction treatment community embraced yoga as a therapeutic option. The theory behind yoga therapy is it gives the participant a way to fine-tune their body and mind. They can accomplish this by learning to control their breathing and body movements.

When we offer a yoga therapy program in New Hampshire, we like to integrate it with an evidence-based therapy model. In essence, we are attempting to address more than the clients’ addiction issues. We are also trying to address issues involving the clients’ mind, body, and spirit. Those three things represent what a lot of people refer to as a person’s wellness or well-being. If a client’s overall well-being is on the rise, their desire to abuse substances diminishes.

It was this shift in treatment approaches that is responsible for the gradual decrease we are seeing is relapse occurrence. That’s a very good thing. Given the success rate that the addiction community is seeing, the use of holistic treatment options is likely to continue.

The Benefits of Yoga Therapy in New Hampshire

Anytime a therapist uses a holistic therapy program in New Hampshire, they do so because they believe it will make a difference. Our yoga therapy program in New Hampshire is very popular among our client base. We want to point out what we believe are the primary benefits of yoga therapy in New Hampshire.

Stress Management

Quite often, some form of stress plays a part in a person’s addiction problem. Yoga therapy provides a great form of relaxation. Relaxation makes dealing with stress much less of a problem, which usually translates to less drug abuse.

Identifying the Causes of Addiction

Yoga exercises will eventually provide clarity of mind. With a clear mind, while operating in a relaxed state, the addiction sufferer should be more in touch with their wellness. If so, it increases the likelihood they will be able to identify the issues that are driving their addiction.

Attitude Adjustment

As a person’s overall well-being improves, their attitudes about life and the people around them grow. An improving attitude is progressive. Once the process begins, the attitude tends to keep getting better. That makes relapses less likely.

Physical Fitness

We can’t forget the importance of our physical health as it relates to our overall well-being. While yoga provides a lot of spiritual benefits, it’s also a great form of physical exercise.

Holistic Therapies at Green Mountain Treatment

In the Effingham region, we have an excellent reputation for turning out healthy addiction survivors. We can attribute a lot of our success to our inclusion of holistic options like our yoga therapy in New Hampshire. We also find our evidence-based therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to be very useful. At the end of the day, we strive to provide a custom treatment program that addresses the needs of each client. Here’s a partial list of our available programs:

When you are ready to deal with your addiction issues, Green Mountain Treatment is here to help. You can take solace in knowing we can offer holistic treatment programs like yoga therapy in New Hampshire as well as evidence-based therapies. For more information, please call us at 866.913.7957 .

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